Good Time Review

Good Time GE R

Good Time, a crime thriller, takes you into the life of a bank robber and his brother, on what must be some of the worst days of their lives.  The story takes place around a somewhat successful bank heist, the plan is somewhat well thought out and even well executed while in the bank, after they make good on their getaway, then things start to go wrong.  The rest of the movie is far too good to spoil by reading it, but it is a beautiful look into how far a brother’s love for his special needs brother can push a man.  How actions meant to protect can harm, how quick on his feet he needs to be, and how to read a bad situation and change the plan.

Robert Pattinson’s character, Connie… god I almost didn’t recognize him.  Obviously yes, I recognized him, but his acting, was better than any I’d previously seen from him.  He was no longer the guy from Twilight, he was an actor portraying an incredibly layered character with excellent presence, he was simply a force in this movie.  I was hooked from the first time he came on screen.  This is an incredible role that should take him from being the glittering vampire that dates a semi attractive mouth-breather, into being realized as the truly talented actor he is, through this gritty crime drama.

The film was beautifully shot in 35mm and really captured the beauty and realism of New York.  The musical score added to the grit and helped lead you into the right mindset in general.  I definitely recommend seeing this movie if you have the chance.

Like the movie said, “This place where we are now, it can be a lot of fun if you let it. You’re gonna have a good time.”

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