Episode 62 “Throw your phone in a fire!!!”

This week on Geek Eclectic, we discuss GTA Online, our Destiny 2 Bucket Lists, Vicol attempts to convince Campagna that the Division is worth playing again, Zelda, our own styles of play in Destiny, the SNES Classic. We go a bit in-depth on Dark Crystal and the Jim Henson Company, Nick introduces the SyFy show FaceOff. We touch on new TV shows worth checking out.

In the second half of the show, we dive in and discuss the DCU, specifically Batman and the iterations of him. The problems, the possible solutions, and ponder who could or should take on the cowl when Ben Affleck eventually leaves the DCU.

62 Photo

Though we went a bit off the rails and way long, this episode has one of the funniest moments we’ve had here so far so, make sure you listen to the whole thing, and the picture in question, is in the upper corner of this weeks image… You’re welcome.  As always; like, review, subscribe, and tell your friends.

This is Geek Eclectic.

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