Okja demands to be watched.  With a knockout cast and a stunning blend of story and visual effects, I was personally blown away.  Rarely can a movie blend beautiful cinematography with a computer-generated character and make them flow seamlessly together.  The movie centers around the “Super Pigs,” though specifically Okja (Super Pig) and Mija (adorable girl on a mission to save her friend). Okja is one of the famed 26 super pigs but this movie isn’t as sweet and cuddly as one would expect a story about an adorable animal and its human family to be.  It does make sure to hammer in some of the darker sides of corporations and animal cruelty in general.


This is the second film, that I’ve seen, directed Bong Joon-ho, this man is a beast of a writer and a director.  Whatever his next film is, I’m buying a ticket and seeing it, that’s the level of trust he’s enduring with this and his previous film Snowpiercer.

Mija played by Ahn Seo-hyun, this is the first film I’ve seen here in, and she was incredible.  She was the main live action character dealing with Okja, and how she acted made you feel like Okja was a real presence in the movie.


Tilda Swinton plays the head of the Mirando Corporation (Lucy Mirando), and her character is…. Well, weird as shit, and plainly a bit unhinged.  Honestly Tilda played the part well, the Super Pig competition is her attempt to make a better name for the company. Previously, the Mirando corporation had been, as I took it, a merchant of death.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s, Dr. Wilcox, was used sparingly and to significant effect, it’s amazing to see big name actors take on smaller parts, that they knock out of the park, and let the story breathe. His scenes were few, but moving.

The ALF and their interactions with Mija will tug on the heart strings. Again, even with limited screen time, they were all well-developed characters.  I can’t really say anymore… Spoilers.  If you’d like to hear more let us know, message us and we’ll be happy to oblige once it’s out and you all have a chance to watch it.

And if you’re on the fence, give it a go, I immensely enjoyed it.  I laughed, I almost cried, yes me, I almost had emotions and in public.   There truly was something special there, and stick around through the credits, there’s a final bit of sweetness to be had.

Okja premieres on Netflix on Wednesday June 28th

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