It Comes at Night, a Review

Cleveland – When it comes to modern horror, in general, I’m not a fan. These days, it seems less about telling a story, and more based on grossing an audience out. So walking in the theatre, I was honestly a bit skeptical. I was worried this was going to be ‘horror’ in the way the Saw series is considered horror, horror through disgust and mutilation, which isn’t truly scary, just a bit depraved.

That being said, a view that might seem cold and dismissive to the horror genre… I, honestly, was pleasantly pleased to watch this movie. It was good! Not only good, but compelling, taking some of the better tropes of the genre and added interesting twists. 

For me, the two stand out roles were the father, Paul (played by Joel Edgerton), and the son, Travis (played by Kelvin Harrison Jr.). They pulled me into the story, a tough love father desperate to protect his family. The somewhat awkward and traumatized son, made to grow up way too fast. The other characters were good, but those two, you felt what they felt.

If more horror films were of this caliber, I probably be a horror fan. So, would I recommend it? Yes. Definitely a worthwhile watch.

There are a few lingering questions that I haven’t been able to get out of my head, but that’s not a bad thing. In fact I kinda liked that we were just dropped in a situation. The excess details would have just slowed the pace. 

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