NEW Look At The New ‘Power Rangers’ Movie Costumes


The promo rollout for the new Power Rangers movie continues to be a mixed bag among fans. As with any movie/tv show being remade from my childhood, the bar is set very low.  Let’s hope it can be at least mediocre when those morphin rangers hit theaters in March of 2017.

The first image that was released of the new costumes shows very futuristic looking armor like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Except that they remind me of every armor in every movie, video game and tv show from the last decade. Think “Pacific Rim meets Iron Man”. Oh Yeah the girls’ costumes have “boob armor”!  It’s very unnecessary and I imagine is borderline insulting to many female fans. Because ladies, when you are fighting putty patrollers, don’t you want an armor that lifts, separates and protects? At least they didn’t give the suits nipples like the famous Shumacher Batman movies. Good god.


I suppose I could be excited that Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston were both cast as Rita Repulsa and Zordon, respectively. Which is amazing! Both actors are great and entertaining to watch. Then, we got our first look at the Repulsa costume was released and then fans were filled with mixed feelings once again.


In advance of the Power Rangers panel at SDCC this weekend, the studio released a new image of the five teens. This is the first photo where both the characters’ faces and their uniforms are visible. The new photo humanizes the characters and gives fans the chance to think about what the rangers might be thinking as they prepare to fight the baddies.

So yeah, the new costumes are a far cry from stretch spandex that was so famous in the 90’s. I mean they were unflattering, so of course an upgrade was needed. The helmets look like they function the same way as motorcycle visors do, with the top part retracting and sliding over a person’s cranium. I suppose this is a good feature, and should work well in emotional/action scenes during the movie. It will allow the actors to act and portray their expressions without being inhibiting,  kind of like what Marvel did with the Iron Man suit with Robert Downey Jr.

With the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SDCC panel upon us, we know that a trailer will probably be on the way. (or at least a brief teaser) Let’s hope that the trailer is better than what we have seen so far. Check back here for more updates regarding Power Rangers!


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