Humor Shining Through the Smoke of a Regrettable Candidate

​I heard today that Trump says he has a movement, these make me realize what type… 

“Trump Dumps” tasty, cute, funny, and sweet…you know everything the candidate allegedly isn’t.  

I tried these tasty coils yesterday, and was delighted by their chocolate goodness.  Simply delicious.  I enjoyed both the milk chocolate (standard plop) and the dark (bloody do-do).  This is the one and only time that I can say it looks like shit and be paying it a sincere compliment. A cheeky flick in the nose at a terrifying and derisive shit show of a candidate.  We tip our hats to you, Fear’s Confections, and all the honesty, creativity, and hard work that you do.

**Only available at Fear’s Confections @ 15208 Madison Avenue, in beautiful Lakewood, Ohio.  Open 11-9 Tuesday through Saturday.**

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