Saturday in the early evening.

Today was a stressful bit of dullness, I found no excitement after waking to angry back pains, in the far too early hours of the morning.

No true work was accomplished, factually work was attempted and was met with obvious failure, tomorrow I’ll attempt it again but I was disgusted by the failure enough that I walked away from the whole thing completely for the day.

So I’ve been attempting to take a step back from being helpful, it’s a work in progress, so naturally problematic.  Some of the people that once were totally go to are no longer, it’s a stressful chunk I’m growing considerably more tiresome than before.  Naturally I want to help but find there is nothing I can do.  Terribly annoying mind you, but expected.

So to end the day, I’ve headed down to see some friends, have some drinks, and maybe relax a bit.

Hope all is well geeks.



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