Game Night: Star Wars Rebellion

(Evan Plays) Evan and I (Nick, Geek Eclectic) played Star Wars Rebellion last night, mind you, we’ve played it twice before, but this was my first outing as the Rebels.  

So first things, I was ballsy, I placed the rebel base on Dagobah, the place with Yoda for any wondering why they’ve heard of that…his Death Star was one system away.
By round 5 Mon Mothra had been turned from a decent politician on the side of the light, into a sith working with the Empire to crush the rebellion.  

We had 2, maybe 3 star wars.  And the Empire scouted all around my system, until Boba found my base…and by the end of the round after pushing back the invading force…the Death Star entered the system.  

I was out of moves, and trapped, and he used his fully armed and operational battle-station to destroy Dagobah, Yoda, and the rebel base.

Now there is only a small field of asteroids that stands as the headstone to where we used to live, and play, and slaughter each other.  

The guns are silenced…at least until next time.

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