Podcast 43 (YES 43) delayed till Saturday due to Public Event

Hello Geeks, Nick here, as a reminder Podcast 42 is delayed until everyone completes Hitchhikers Guide.  So Podcast Episode 43, which is the next episode will be going Live on YouTube Saturday instead, we’re hoping Paul from Invasion of the Podcast will be able to join us as well.

This one is my bad though, normally I’d have some fun edited picture of Stu or Vicol if they needed to miss the show – but this time it’s Me – so maybe Stu will post a good picture to the Facebook page tomorrow.  But we will be on Saturday – even if it’s just me and a few mystery guests.  So strap in Podcast Episode 43 (brought to you by Fear’s Confections) tentatively titled “Post-Nerd-Lesque and the Invasion” will come crashing into your ears Saturday Evening…most probably around 9pm.

Here’s a clip from one of our favorite YouTube Channels – Let’s Play (part of Rooster Teeth) to tide you over.  Definitely worth checking out!!


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