The Latest X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

So the new X-Men trailer just hit – and holy shit.  It looks fantastic, still a little unsure about Ivan Ooze as Apocalypse.  But we’ll see…

Here’s the new Trailer…


Here are a few choice screenshots from the trailer worth a longer look, the simple scale is what X-Men have deserved but not always achieved…hopefully this will be the one they get it right…(We obviously don’t own them – and I’m leaving 20th Century FOX’s logo in the corner – all rights reserved for them)2016-03-17 (4)2016-03-17 (6)2016-03-17 (9)2016-03-17 (8)2016-03-172016-03-17 (1)2016-03-17 (10)2016-03-17 (7)…Olivia Munn…nothing more needs to be said, she’s going to crush this…2016-03-17 (2)2016-03-17 (3)2016-03-17 (11)2016-03-17 (12)

So who else is excited?  Cause it honestly looks amazing.


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