The X-Files: “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” Review

When I learned that the X-Files was coming back, I immediately geeked the hell out. So far i’ve had mixed feelings about the first two episodes, but last nights episode “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster” was fantastic. This episode is one of the many reasons why I love this show.

Although it was a lighthearted funny episode, it was kind of a sad story of a man named “Guy Mann” cursed with a superpower that brings him nothing but misery. I thought that it was rather clever having a reptile-like creature transform into a human rather than the other way around. It alters our expectations and gives us an unique insight as to what Guy thinks about humanity and how easy it was for him to assimilate into human life. All he had to do was get a job at a cell phone shop, talk about stuff he had no clue about and he fit right in very easily.

This episode is almost a parody of an X-Files episode, as it seems self aware right down to where Mulder’s ringtone is the opening theme to the X-Files. Also Mulder has the believer vs. cynic argument with himself and does not give Scully a word edge wise. It was also nice to see the witty banter back between Mulder and Scully, and how Scully missed these types of cases. Also I must say that I loved the gag about how smart phones might have changed everything that Mulder and Scully did back in the day. The episode even gives us a fantasy Scully sex scene with Guy Mann. I must say that Gillian Anderson looks fantastic for her age and looks better than she ever has!

There were so many easter eggs in this episode. You might recognize the stoners in the opener played by actors Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker Smith. They also appeared in two previous X-Files episodes as the same stoner characters in “War of the Coprophages” and Quagmire”. At the cemetery where Mulder hears Guy Mann’s story we see a glimpse of two tombstones. On those tombstones are the names Jack Hardy and Kim Manners (both previously worked on the X-Files).  There is also a mention of QueeQueg, Scully’s old dog that was eaten by an alligator in the episode “Quagmire”. Of course there’s Scully’s immortality. In an earlier episode titled”Clyde Bruckman”, a man with the same name has the ability to see how people will die, but he tells Scully that she “doesn’t”. It’s not the only time her immortality has been teased, its a recurring theme that showrunners have promised will be addressed. Yeah….when lizards can turn into humans.

One thing I have enjoyed about this miniseries is that we have an older and wiser Mulder and Scully who are questioning their past, beliefs and life choices. In this episode it’s moreso Mulder that mocks his younger self and doubts everything he thought was fact and real. He even goes on to tell Scully that maybe it’s time to give up such childish thoughts, because does he really want to do this for the rest of his life? Mulder is mostly the cynic in this episode but his faith is rewarded in the end where he finally sees Guy Mann in his true form. Both men kind of helped each other  in a way and shook hands and parted ways.

Overall I give it 5/5 bloody eyeballs.



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