Watch: ‘The X-Files’ Trailer Teases Familiar Faces!

It’s been thirteen years since The X-Files was last on our screens, and now Fox has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming revival of “The X-Files,” set to premiere in January 2016.

The two-part promos were revealed in between episodes of “Gotham” and “Minority Report”. The six-part series, titled X-Files: The Truth is Still Out There, will continue to follow agents Mulder and Scully. The new series will be written by its original creator, Chris Carter.

Even though Mulder and Scully’s investigations ended in 2002, Mulder’s personal obsession did not. We’re guessing that something or someone is driving Mulder back to the FBI to finally get closer to or realize the real truth? Whatever the case may be, it looks like the two agents will experience the most dangerous case of their careers. It’s great to see callbacks to the original series, including Mitch Pileggi’s Walter Skinner and the return of the villainous Smoking Man (William B. Davis)!!!!!

For you lucky New York Comic Con attendees, you will get to see the first episode on October 10. For us common folk, we will have to wait Sunday, January 24 (following the NFC Championship Game).

The six-episode event series will feature a mix of stand-alone episodes and those that further the original show’s mythology. In the opening episode, Mulder and Scully take on a case of a possible alien abductee. Three of the episodes are written and directed by Chris Carter, with the other three written and directed by series veterans Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan and James Wong.

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