Gotham Season 2 Premiere Recap

Oh Gotham, how we’ve missed you. The primere doesnt exactly mean an upswing in quality, but it’s taking a step in the right direction. I didn’t feel as frustrated watching as I have in the past.

Last season Jim and Penguin exchanged so many favors, I lost count. When Jim would go to Penguin for a favor there really never seemed to be a consequence. This season however – Tah dah….consequences! Perhaps one of my favorite moments was seeing Jim towing the line between vigilante and cop – which was kind of refreshing. I kind of like that Gordon is a surrogate “Caped Crusader”. Earlier in the episode, Bruce tells Jim that he might have to do something bad in order to make things good. This means Jim carrying out Penguins favor of killing a man that owed Penguin money. In exchange, Penguin forces Loeb off the force and promotes Essen to Comish. It’s nice to see Loeb go, I for one was not looking forward to more scenes of Gordon and Loeb trying to one-up each other.

Now let’s get to the villains, after all the episode is titled “rise of the villains”. We’ll start with Barbara. Last season she slipped into an unhinged insanity and now she’s more cool and calculating…but still bat shit crazy. When Barbara arrives at Arkham, she gets the immediate attention of Jerome….who might be the Joker? If he is, I’m not in favor of his origin story. But I have to admit that Jerome is a fun addition to the show. It certainly feels like Jerome’s the Joker and Barbara’s a Harley Quinn-type (at least that’s the vibe that I get).

Perhaps one of the most unique villains is that of rich “philanthropist” Theo Galavan. This guy has some serious beef with Gotham as he forms his own little suicide squad to reek havoc on the city. We should definitely keep our eyes on Galavan’s number 2 in charage Jessica Lucas’ Tabitha/Tigress. I’m gonna call it now, Selena is somehow going to inherit that whip.

It wouldn’t be Gotham though without a couple of hiccups. Like the whole Zaardon guy and the blue mist. How did Theo know that the gas would release right when he needed it to? And how did he know that the exact Arkham inmates he needed would be in the same rec room right then? How and why is Selina hanging out in Penguins crew? Why is Harvey living as a happy sober bartender? Dear god why is Nygma arguing with his own reflection? Why did it take Bruce and Alfred a whole episode  to blast their way into Thomas’ cave?

Gotham is still kind of goofy and still has a bunch to smooth but overall it felt like a step in the right direction.

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