NEW ARROW Costume and Arrow Panel from SDCC

Alright Arrow fans, season three was a bit of a disappointment, but then again its hard to top the previous season which was heavy on one of the most bad ass DC villains…Deathstroke. At SDCC, it sounds like season four will rise to the challenge. Stephen Amell took the stage – in costume – and revealed that Starling City is now Star City and that he will be returning as….Green Arrow! Honestly, I welcome a new costume for Green Arrow. The suit acts as character initself and has undergone an evolution just as Oliver has. His new costume looks reminiscent of the verision that the Green Arrow wears in DC’s NEW 52. We know that Damian Dahrk will be a big antagonist entering this season as well. Below is the full Arrow panel and the stars of the show spill some new details about what to expect. How pumped are you for season 4? Do you like the new costume? Is it an upgrade or a downgrade?


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