Michael Myers Back to the Big Screen with ‘Halloween Returns’

Get ready horror fans Michael Myers is returning for yet another Halloween Movie! Dimension Films/Trancas International Films will be starting production on “Halloween Returns”. This marks the 11th film in the Michael Myers franchise.

The duo of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have penned a script, while Dunstan will sit in the directing chair. Both men also teamed on the scripts for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh “Saw” movies. Ah yes, the Saw series…Does that give you any confidence in this movie?

The original Halloween (1978) was a masterpiece of horror goodness with John Carpenter directing. The original plot is set in the fictional Midwestern town of Haddonfield, Illinois. On Halloween night in 1963, a six-year-old Michael Myers dressed in a clown costume murders his older sister by stabbing her with a kitchen knife. Fifteen years later, he escapes from a psychiatric hospital, returns home, and stalks teenager Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends. Michael’s psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) suspects Michael’s intentions, and follows him to Haddonfield to try to prevent him from killing.

From what we understand, Halloween Returns will be a standalone film. It will reintroduce audiences to Michael Myers years after his rampage on Haddonfield. A new group of Haddonfield youngsters will have to stand off against Myers. The now 18-year-old child of one of Myers’ victims will play a central role along with the child of a cop who is obsessed with Myers’ case. Myers is now on death row and the two kids sneak in to watch his execution. But of course things go wrong and Myers escapes!

If you recall, the most recent films to enter the franchise – 2007’s Halloween and 2009’s cluster fuck that was Halloween II were directed by Rob Zombie. Whereas Halloween is returning, Rob Zombie will not.

“Halloween Returns” is produced by Malek Akkad with Matthew Stein as executive producer.

“Michael Myers has taken a long break from the bigscreen, and we know fans are eager to see him return,” said Bob Weinstein, co-chair of the Weinstein Company and Dimension Films. “We are excited to be back in business with Trancas and look forward to bringing one of the scariest installments of this classic franchise to audiences worldwide.

What do you think about the return of the Halloween franchise with Michael Myers? Leave your comments below and let us know what you truly think!


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