Ghostbusters Costumes, Proton Pack and Set Photos Revealed!

What you gonna wear?! That’s what Paul Feig tweeted out along with a new photo of the new Ghostbusters costumes! The image that reveals the jumpsuits that will be worn by the Ghostbusters team in his upcoming reboot. Check out Feig’s original post below!

Feig sat down with earlier this year and talked a bit about his take on Ghostbusters.

“I’m having a lot of fun playing with genres. I love the original film, but I also just love the idea of busting ghosts and kind of paranormal warriors. I thought, ‘You know, if I could do this with the funny women I know and kind of just do a new origin story…’ I’m more interested in what would happen today. You know, you see things on TV about ghosts, but none of it’s real. What if, suddenly, something started happening? What happens when that just begins to happen to people? Also, how do they develop their technology? It’s not as fun if they’re just handed their proton packs. It’s why it’s not as fun to do a sequel. The fun is getting there.”

Speaking of proton packs, Feig tweeted out yet ANOTHER photo…of a proton pack!

In addition to the jumpsuits and proton pack pics we have a first look at part of all-female Ghostbusters team. In the first photo Kristen Wiig was spotted wearing a plaid skirt suit (an outfit reminiscent of the traumatized librarian in the opening scene of the first film) and holding two leather bags on the Boston-based production set.

In the second photo we get a first look at other fellow ghostbusters Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon. McCarthy appears to be hauling the new “Ghost Trap” (or possibly a large cpu hard drive), and Kate McKinnon in paint-splattered overalls and a pair of steam punk shades.

I actually love the photos of the jumpsuits and proton pack. The jumpsuits themselves have the trademark Ghostbusters logo on the shoulder. An orange reflector is seen running through the chest and arms of the jump suit, which makes it seem like they were nabbed from a utility worker or something.  I also like the fact that the proton packs will have an unfinished look to them. As the Ghostbusters are just starting out, you wouldn’t expect the technology to rightfully be in place already. It will be nice to see an evolution of the proton pack, from the beginning where it has an unfinished look to the final product.

The pictures of the cast look great. Wiig has a scholarly look about her, as if she is a professor (which I have heard rumors of that being true). I particularly enjoy McKinnon’s look. I wonder what her characters deal is? She looks like an artist or possibly an engineer of some sort? Is McCarthy lugging around a ghost trap? Is she the brains behind the Ghostbusters?

I’ve had countless conversations about this movie with many people. While I am a huge fan of the original, i’m tired of talking about comparisons. The original will always and forever be a classic in my mind and nothing will ever beat it out. Many believe that this movie will pale in comparison, which has been case with many other reboots lately. I’m going to reserve judgement till I actually see it. After that I will either celebrate it or rip it a new one.  So wait, relax and don’t cross the streams (steps down from soap box).

It looks like things are shaping up nicely though and I will say that my curiosity is peaked. What do you think about the jumpsuits, proton pack and cast photos?

Ghostbusters features Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth, the film is targeting a July 22, 2016 release.


One response to “Ghostbusters Costumes, Proton Pack and Set Photos Revealed!

  1. Honestly, I really want this film to do well. I love the originals and I would love to see these ladies have some success. The pic of McKinnon leaves me with a lot of skepticism, however. The outfit doesn’t seem to fit the actress, and I don’t mean the size, it’s the style, it seems they just put a pretty girl in an ugly outfit and called it “character” Hopefully she can fill the outfit with as much quarkiness that the outfit is portraying, otherwise they’ve set her up to just be annoying. Hopefully I’m wrong and she’ll do great and the movie will be awesome. I just wish I hadn’t seen some of these pics, it’s ruining the movie for me. I gotta remember not to judge though.


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