‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ E3 Multiplayer footage puts you on front lines!

The anticipation continues to build for Star Wars: Battlefront, which will eventually be released Nov. 17, a month in advance of the J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The anticipation for the game seems to match that of the movie at the E3 presentation that EA held Monday.

Of all the games that EA featured, it was clear that “Battlefront” was considered the centerpiece of EA’s presentation. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

This is the type of gameplay that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. The gameplay footage shows scenes inspired by the Battle of Hoth featured in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The video was captured entirely from the PS4, where Players will get a epic battle-eye view from the vantage point of both the Empire and the rebels .

As a rebel soldier, you’re shooting at stormtroopers, AT-ATs, TIE fighters, and so much more. It’s a frantic battle with so much happening, you can even hear the plans of attack on both the rebel and Imperial sides of the battle. You can also get a first person point of view from cockpits of Imperial walkers or rebel X-wing fighters on either side.

Perhaps my favorite part of the trailer was seeing a fellow Rebel solider being choked out force style by Darth Vader himself! OH SHIT! And then Luke Skywalker appears flashing his light saber while taking out storm troopers and eventually coming to blows with Darth Vader! WOW.

Okay geeks so you will obviously notice that “Battlefront” is not part of the cohesive “Star Wars” continuity. But at this point…..who cares, it looks fucking awesome! I imagine there are going to be a lot of insane matchups and Anything can happen. We are extremely excited for this one  and look forward to playing it. What did you think of the latest E3 trailer?


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