Somebody Replaced the Snare in “Master Of Puppets” with the one from St. Anger

When you think of metal bands, one the greatest that comes to mind right away is Metallica. I’m a metal head myself and one of the first albums i’ve owned was a Metallica album. The group’s first four albums are genius as they continue developing their sound of the ’80s thrash-metal scene. On the flip side, you’ve got the abysmal St. Anger album. It is hands down the one worst Metallica albums. It seemed like a radical departure from the bands roots. The fact that Lars Ulrich added some shitty snare drum for the album’s recording session just made the album fall flat with many fans.

A YouTube user recently decided it was a good idea to combine the garbage can bashing snare from the St. Anger album, and added it to the classic “Master of Puppets” song. What you get is a ear drum puncturing noise that truly ruins classic song. The shitty snare itself was described by  Uhlrich as an “abortion” just a year after the St. Anger’s album release. I’m sorry, but I go by the old adage, “if it ain’t broke….DON’T FIX IT”. Listen to the St. Anger version and the original below and let us know what you think.


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