Probably one of the coolest moments in Jurassic park was Dennis Nedry’s Barbasol shaving cream dinosaur DNA smuggling device.

Barbasol has joined with Universal Pictures for a marketing program to publicize the release of Jurassic World, the next installment of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park series.

The partnership includes the release of limited-edition Barbasol/Jurassic World collector cans that will feature custom Pteranodon and Velociraptor illustrations. You can also expect a national TV campaign and tons of digital/social-media advertising. I wonder if the shaving cream will play a pivotal role in Jurassic World as it did in the very first movie. I would love to see the good ol’ dna smuggling device make an appearance again. If a Barbasol can makes it into the movie , I have a feeling it will just be shaving cream  (and maybe a joke about it being a dna smuggling device).  The marketing campaign is amusing and is pretty damn awesome. Gotta love it.

Barbasol’s Jurassic World cans are available for a limited time! Also Barbasol is giving away a vacation package for a dinosaur dig in Wyoming, although there will probably not be actual dinosaurs.

Jurassic World hits theathers June 12.

Source: Slashfilm, via Reddit.

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