Hellboy’s Right Hand Of Doom Up For Auction!

Hellboy fans, Have you ever thought to yourself – Man I wish I could wield the Right Hand of Doom? Well now you can!

Hellboy’s official Right Hand of Doom, (Created by Hollywood special effects legend Rick Baker) from the 2004 Hellboy movie, is going up for auction! A mock-up of Hellboy’s famed gauntlet, which evolved into what viewers saw in the 2004 film, is made of Styrofoam and sculpted foam sheets. The glove itself is static, but is completely wearable, so you can still beat on some extra-dimensional threats!

The Right Hand of Doom will be up for auction this Friday, May 29, at the Hilton Universal City Hotel in Los Angeles, California. You will probably have to sell off your entire comic book collection to get in on the bids —the suggested bidding starts between $600-$800. You can also bid on a Gremlin or even the Riddler’s face mask!

Ready to wield the Right Hand of Doom? Check out some pics below, then let us know in the comments below!

Hellboy Glove_01








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