Caity Lotz Talks White Canary and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW

Arrow fans can rejoice, Caity Lotz will in fact be returning as White Canary in Legends of Tomorrow! So will we see some differences from when we last saw her as Black Canary in season 3 of Arrow? Caity Lotz confirmed in a recent interview that Sara Lance’s new crime fighting alter ego will still be martial arts based. The only change is that instead of fighting with abō staff, she’ll be fighting with escrima sticks. Lotz stated that Legends of Tomorrow is much bigger than anything she initially envisioned.

“It’s going to be big.  I did not really know much about the show [initially] but I said ‘I want to do it, I trust you guys.’  And when we were shooting our teaser, they were telling me some of the stuff that’s going to be happening and I was like ‘This is way cooler – not that I didn’t think it would be cool…but the stuff [happening],  I wasn’t imagining or picturing [that].  It’s going to be really fun to shoot and I think people are going to like it.”

In the comics, White Canary appears in DC’s Birds of Prey as a villian. Her backstory is kind of a mystery, other than the fact that she is the lone sister of the Twelve Brothers in Silk and a proficient martial artist, equal to Lady Shiva. Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow will be going in a different direction with the character but it will be interesting to see how writers will handle White Canary’s origin.

Legends of Tomorrow hits tv screens in December/January during the mid-season hiatus of Arrow and The Flash.

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