ARROW “This is your sword” Review

Last weeks episode left us wondering is Oliver evil? Has he turned to the dark side? Or is he? That is the question we asked during the last episode “This is your sword”, but Oliver pulled a fast one on us by showing that he’s still a good guy and was infiltrating the league.

So we know that Oliver has no devotion to the League, it’s all an act. THe only person he tells is Malcolm Merlyn. He shuts out everyone he cares about, which is understandable as Malcolm knows all the inner workings of the league. I kind of wish there was more uncertainty, I prefer not to know Oliver’s motivations. Only reveal his motivations at the end.

Oliver and Nyssa move forward with getting married, as team arrow seems be killed by the Alpha & Omega virus thrown into their sealed off jail cell. Common, do you think Oliver is that cold hearted that he is going to kill his friends? I’m sure Oliver knocked them out only momentarily to give the illusion of death.

I absolutely loved the rift between Diggle, Oliver and team Arrow. Diggle had some moments where we saw him wrestling with his rage and sense of betrayal. Although Oliver is not under Ra’s control, there is still going to be a cost for his actions. How can Diggle ever trust Oliver after putting Lyla and Sara in danger? For me the brief encounter between Oliver and Diggle was not enough. I felt like the scene was rushed and that it needed more time.

I keep hearing that a lot of fans are unhappy with how the character of Felicity is being handled lately. I’ve always been a fan of Felicity, but she has been bordering on annoying. You would think that Felicity of all people would be the voice of reason to have faith in Oliver, not Laurel. Will this event cause Ollicity to end? I’m sure she will end up going back to Ray and we will get another love triangle – AGAIN. Felicity’s greatest moment in this episode is when she takes out a assassin with her tablet – classic.

The battle sequence was pretty awesome, but for being an elite squad of assassins….you’d figure the league wouldn’t get taken out so easily. Why would a ninja just blindly run into battle like it was Bravehart? Wouldn’t they sneak and hide and use some sort of deception to catch their enemy off guard? They are ninjas after all…right? We saw Ray use his suit and take down a jet – by flying through it. Laurel showed improvement by making easy work of assassins, when in the past she would have gotten her ass kicked.

The highlight of the battle was the fight between Maseo and Tatsu (Katana). It was so cool to see Tatsu sporting her comic book gear. We got a little bit of history about her family and being able to wield a sword, however I wish there would have been some explanation about the suit itself. I would have at least loved to have seen someone say….nice costume or something like that. Regardless, the costume was damn cool. Their swordplay was on point and the fight was fantastic. The underlying theme of the fight spoke of the tragic decline of a once close and happy family. We now understand what drove Maseo to join the league (his son Akio’s death) and how it distorted and changed him. By killing Maseo, Tatsu has freed her husband from the evils of the league….but now she finds herself alone with no husband and no child. The fight ends with Tatsu cradling Maseo in her arms crying and singing a lullaby of some sort to him. This scene offered some genuine drama that certain episodes can lack at times.

When we weren’t focusing on brainwashed Oliver, we got a subplot featuring Thea tracking down Roy in his new life. Roy now goes by the name Jason and works as an auto mechanic. Both Thea and Roy share some time together and it was a nice reunion for both characters. From being left for dead to getting a swift exit from the show, I always felt like Roy got the shaft on the show. This was kind of a better sendoff for Roy, as he passes the “Red Arrow” torch to Thea. I’m betting we will be seeing Speedy next season.

Overall it was an okay episode, definitely full of drama! It will be interesting to see what happens going into next week as it looks like there could be a cross-over event with The Flash.

Overall we give it a 7 out of 10 tablet throws to the neck.

photos via IGN.


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