GOTHAM ‘All Happy Families Are Alike’ Season Finale Review

The season Finale of Gotham “All Happy Families Are Alike” was far from perfect. It amped up the action and violence and rekindled the war between Maroni and Falcone (thank god, the whole Maroni/Falcone buddy buddy storyline didn’t seem right to me). Although I love this show, the finale was kind of sloppy and some parts left me scratching my head.

Let’s start out with Barbara. I always felt like Barbara was the weakest character on Gotham. I felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with her. She went from being a lesbian, to having a drug problem to being a psycho. She fell in love with a guy whom ended up being a serial killer named The Ogre. That messed her up pretty good. I thought it was an interesting twist that Barbara killed her parents, rather than the Ogre. Barbara has gone off the deep end, the way she acts honestly reminds me of Harley Quinn. I enjoyed seeing Barbara and Leslie duking it out. Barbara knifing the bathroom door honestly reminded me of “The Shining”. Heeeerrre’s Barbara! I wonder how the Gotham writers will move forward with one of their main characters being a killer. I predict a stay in Arkham?

Speaking of Psycho’s, let’s visit our good friend Edward Nygma. What the hell is going on with him? I enjoyed that he left his name as a clue. It seemed like a silly Riddler thing to do, but why make it so obvious and easy to see? When Miss Kringle confronts him about this, he begins to panic….big time. When she leaves him alone, he goes off the deep end and begins talking to himself. It almost feels like he has dual identities like Two-Face. One side is his rational side and the other his this new psychotic side. It makes you wonder how long he has been insane like this. I’m guessing it was when he got all stabby on that cop.

Fish Mooney makes her return to Gotham….with no mention as to how she survived being shot in the stomach trying to escape Dollmaker’s island. Someone tell me why is she dressed like someone from the Mad Max set? What the hell? Why does she have studs in her head? It all seems out of character to me. So the goth pirate, Fish comes sailing into Gotham and has a weird conversation with Selina Kyle. For some reason Selina joins her gang. Why? Because she thought Fish looks cool? I thought Selina was a loner, acting on her own. Why team up for one episode? It just seemed weird to me but hey….why not right?

In the midseason finale Falcone was so absolute in not leaving Gotham. His tune definitely changed because now….all of a sudden he wants to retire. Are you kidding me? So all it takes is Maroni firing a couple bullets his way and….yep he’s throwing in the towel? Why now? On top of that Maroni is eventually shot in the noggin and killed by Fish. Well there goes your gang war between Maroni and Falcone. Two established characters in the Bat-verse….one is dead and one is ready to retire to somewhere nice and sunny. That kind of sets the Bat-verse askew and has a lot of fans scratching their heads, but I suppose something had to give. I personally would have loved to have seen more of the war between Falcone and Maroni. I believe it could have been handled so much better instead of one episode build up. It was a waste of character and a waste of opportunity.

It’s too bad we wont get to see Fish’s new look again, as it looks like she is dead. In a struggle with the Penguin she is thrown off the top of a building into the water below. Before that, both are shot by Butch, who is confused over what he should do (kill penguin? or kill Fish?) The whole Butch being hypnotized was plain rediculous and made me laugh. I’ve always like Penguin’s character, so it will be interesting to see what he will do with some new found power. So now that Fish is supposedly dead, Penguin dubs himself the new king of Gotham.

When it comes to Jim Gordon, what will his fate be? He claims that he wants to leave the city, but I doubt that’s going to happen. After all, Falcone tells Jim that this city needs a law man more than ever. It was nice to see Falcone and Jim come full circle with the conversation that they first had in the beginning of the season. Falcone gives Jim a knife that was a gift from Jim’s father. What does the knife mean? That although Jim is a good man, he will have no choice but to use that knife at some point and do something that he will regret?

Finally we end with Bruce. He spends the whole episode trying to discover some sort of secret in his father’s study. He tears it up and makes a huge mess. Alfred doubts him that he will find anything and tries to give him some sound advice. Alfred recites a passage from a book which causes Bruce to go searching for a book that contains that passage. He miraculously finds the book and finds a remote control inside it! What a coincidence! Bruce presses the button, which causes the fireplace to move – revealing a secret cave entrance! With how this show is progressing, it looks like we will have Bat-Tween in no time.

It’s obvious that Gotham is not afraid to stray from the Batman source material or is afraid to kill of a main character (we saw that with the death of Maroni) but It will be interesting to see just how far they plan to go. Overall the season 1 finale had some cool parts, but it was far from perfect. I give the season 1 finale a 5 out of 10.

Photos via IGN.


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