Arrow ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ Recap & Review (Spoilers)

The episode opens with the wedding of Lyla Michaels and John Diggle. Oliver finds himself late for photos, but just in time for the ceremony to perform his Best Man duties.

Felicity arrives with her “plus one” Ray Palmer. Oliver is visibly jelous  at this fact. Diggle learns that the minister cannot make it.  Ray steps in last minute to perform the ceremony as he is also an ordained minister. Lyla and Diggle exchange vows and are pronounced husband and wife!

Everyone is seen dancing and celebrating at the wedding reception…except for Oliver. Laurel approaches Oliver, who comments on how beautiful she looks – especially with a cast. Laurel tells Oliver that she has a new trainer and she’s a little intense. Felicity comes over to Oliver and reveals that she caught the bouquet. Oliver and Felicity seem ready to talk about their relationship, but everyone in the Arrow crew receives a text saying that the Arrow is killing people.

Team Arrow leaves the reception and head to the Arrow Cave to investigate. They watch a press conference featuring Ray Palmer saying that the Arrow needs to be apprehended and that Ray will use all of his resources to bring him in.

Oliver discusses a plan and tells Diggle and Lyla to go on their honeymoon to fiji. The newlyweds take his advice and enter their limo.  Who else is waiting inside but Floyd Lwton (a.k.a. Deadshot). He smiles and tells Diggle and Lyla that when duty calls we answer…The Suicide Squad rides again!

Diggle and Lyla are driven to ARGUS headquarters, where Amanda Waller fills them in about a mission. The mission requires the extraction of a U.S. Senator who is being held hostage by Kasnian terrorists. They are introduced to the newest member of the the Suicide Squad, Cupid.

The Suicide Squad lands in Kasnia and approach the hospital where the hostages are being held. Cupid talks non stop about marrying Arrow and having his babies. Deadshot calls her crazy along with Diggle and Lyla for getting married. Although Diggle and Lyla argue over a strategy plan, they eventually come to a compromise.

We get a flashback, this time from Deadshot’s past. Floyd returns home from the army to his wife and young daughter. THis is the first time the daughter has ever met her father and she is scared of Floyd.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver suits up and races to a warehouse where drugs are being packed into stuffed animals. Suddenly all of the men packing the drugs are struck with arrows by whom we can only assume is Ra’s al ghoul in disguise. The real Arrow shows up and battles the imposter. We find out that it is not Ra’s, but just an league assassin. Gradually more league of assassin members make themselves known, whom are also dressed as the Arrow. Maseo enters the warehouse and tells Oliver to join Ra’s Al Ghul. If Oliver does not, then the murders will continue. Maseo then drops a smoke bomb and all of the impostors disappear. The Arrow is left standing in a warehouse full of dead men. Meanwhile Ray Palmer (suited up as The Atom) hovers outside and scans the warehouse. using X-ray software. He finds out through his scan that Oliver Queen is the Arrow.

The next day Felicity meets with Ray who reveals that he knows Oliver’s secret. He also knows that Felicity has been working for the Arrow. Felicity urges him that Oliver is innocent and that she does not have feelings for him. Ray, however, does not know if he can trust her as a partner. He does make clear that he will bring the Arrow to justice.

Back in Kasnia, the Squad continues their mission. Deadshot begins having another flashback. We find out that  he’s become angry, antisocial and is having a hard time adjusting to home life. He is seen drinking and yelling at his young daughter. He verbally assaults his wife and then threatens her with a gun. His wife, terrified at what her husband has done calls 911.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver and Roy investigate the arrows that the impostors were using and Oliver’s arrows. Oliver finds that the arrows are identical. Felicity barges in and tells Oliver that Ray knows Oliver’s secret. Ray plans on going to tell the cops to inform them that Oliver is the Arrow. Oliver is furious that Felicity has been withholding the fact that Ray is the Atom.

At the Police Department, Ray discusses his findings with Laurel and about pursing legal action on Oliver. Laurel tells Ray that his evidence is not substantial. Ray cows Laurel’s history with Oliver and that she is protecting him. She tells Ray that if he decides to leak any information to the press, then Oliver will sue for defamation of character and win…BIG. Ray vows to just seek justice on his own terms.

Meanwhile in Kasnia, the Squad ends up finding the senator and other hostages. The suicide squad moves in and takes out some of the captors. The senator pulls a gun on them and tells that they shouldn’t have come. A firefight insues and Deadshot takes bullet for Cupid. This act of bravery causes her to instantly fall in love with him. The team retreats and barricades themselves in a room to regroup and heal.

It turns out that the hostages were not meant to be saved by the squad. It was all a set-up, an ordeal to boost the senators popularity and a possible run at the presidency. The Suicide squad finds themselves outnumbered and that the explosives have been planted around the hospital. Diggle and Lyla panic that they will not make it out alive to see their daughter. Deadshot tells them to hold it together and promises them that they will get out alive and see their daughter.

This triggers another Deadshot flashback where Floyd is in prison. He is approached by an H.I.V.E. representative offering him a job as a bounty hunter of sorts. The woman tells him that him that people like him dont deserve a family, love to people like him is like a bullet to the brain. He asks the woman who his target is. We find out that his first target is Andrew Diggle. Ohhh damn.

Back in Starling City, Oliver confronts Ray in his office pleading that he did not kill anyone. Ray makes his intentions clear that he means to stop Oliver no matter what. When Oliver returns to the Arrow Cave, he tells Felicity that Ray is unstable and too new to the crime fighting world. He doesn’t understand everything at play. This causes both to talk about their relationship, to which Oliver says that he could not have a romantic partner and be a vigilante at the same time and that the same goes for Ray. Meanwhile Oliver gets a tip about a drug shipment happening at a power plant across town.

Oliver suits up and heads to the power plant with Arsenal. They find out that there is no gang or drug shipment. It turns out that The Atom planted the tip as a trap. He begins to fight both Arrow and Arsenal. He blasts Arsenal, who ends up being down for the count. Arrow discovers a weakness in Ray’s suit and hits it with an arrow. This disables the suit and Oliver draws his bow. Ray tells him to go ahead and do it, now Felicity can see what kind of man he truly is. Oliver tells Ray that he will not kill him, because he is not a murderer. He puts his hand out and helps Ray up and tells him to trust Felicity as she chose to be with Ray.

Back in Kasnia, the Squad gets the upper hand on the senator, or at least they think they do. He holds a detonator up and tells everyone to drop their weapons. The senator notices that Deadshot is missing. Deadshot shoots the detonator out of senators hand. With the detonator disabled, the team makes quick work of the senator and his goons. The squad and hostages flee the building, before the bomb goes off. Deadshot remains standing on the roof of the hospital, ready to accept his fate. He looks at a photo of his wife and daughter as the building explodes.

Back at Palmer Technologies, Ray apologizes to Felicity for not trusting Oliver or her. Felcity forgives him and They kiss and makeup.

Over at Lyla and Diggle’s, they reunite with their daughter. Lyla tells Diggle that she believes what he’s doing with Oliver is good. She decides to resign from ARGUS in order to set a good example for their daughter.

At the Arrow Cave Oliver and Felicity manage to patch things up. Diggle meets with Oliver and shares a drink him as they talk about what has been going on lately.

Across town, Ray Palmer tells the District Atrorney that he was wrong about the Arrow. He tries to defend the arrow, but an arrow bursts through the window and instantly kills the district attorney. The man who fired the arrow? Maseo dressed as the Arrow! He then sets his sights on Felcity….and the episode ends.

DAMN! What the hell Maseo? If he even grazes Felicity you know that he’s in for an ass whoopin’ from Oliver. After all they have been through, Maseo is still going to carry out Ra’s Al Ghul’s mission. I can’t see this ending well for Maseo if Felicity is seriously injured. An act such as that would definitely motivate Oliver to step up his game against Ra’s. I suppose we will see what happens, who knows maybe it’s a warning shot.

As for Ray, how was that ATOM suit in action? That was pretty bad ass – Arsenal even thought it was! I get a real Tony Stark/Iron Man vibe with Ray. Oliver is right about Ray though, he is new to the crime fighting game and still has a lot to learn. The suit was very impressive and I’m sure we will see it get upgrades as the show goes on. The only part that kind of bugged me and genuinely made me laugh was after his fight with Atom. The Arrow walks way from their fight totally ignoring the fact that Arsenal has been electrocuted and is probably knocked out cold. Maybe the Arrow looked over in that general direction where Roy was lying and said to himself “GAWD ROY YOU FAILED ME AGAIN. Ehh he’ll get up sooner or later”.

Overall it was a decent episode. I think the highlight was obviously the fight between the Arrow and the Atom. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next with Ra’s Al Ghul. What did you guys think about this episode?

Photos via IGN.

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