The Flash ‘Rogue Time’ Recap & Spoilers!

The episode opens with The Flash traveling back in time one day in the past. Barry seems disoriented and confused as he is having a major deja vu moment. Cisco contacts Barry and tells him to hurry to the Central City Morgue.

Barry arrives at the morgue, where he relives the crime scene autopsy and all of the conversations that he had the day before. Joe and Eddie have no clue that Barry is from the future. Joe however does notice that Barry is acting weirder than usual.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin talks to Cisco about his family and his brother Dante’s upcoming birthday party. Wells instantly notices that Barry has undergone some sort of time travel by the way Barry finishes Caitlin and Cisco’s sentences. Wells pulls Barry aside and tells him that time is fragile. He tells Barry to not disrupt any future events. He must retrace his steps or else the time stream will be messed up.

Barry visits the police department and sees Joe, Eddie and Captain Singh in a meeting. This triggers a flashback of Captain Singh being electrocuted by the Weather Wizard. The Flash (whom has future knowledge of the Weather Wixard’s hideout) races there and imprisons the Weather Wizard at STAR Labs. By doing this, he has saved Joe, Eddie and Captain Singh from their confrontations with Weather Wizard. Wells tells Barry just because he has prevented a future disaster, another is bound to take its place.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold and Heatwave meet with a mob boss. Both Heatwave and Cold tell the mob boss and his men to leave town as they plan on taking it over. They easily kill the boss and his men, but let one man live. They tell the man to warn the rest of the Santini mob family that Captain Cold now owns Central City.

Later that night, Cisco and Caitlin attend his brother Dante’s birthday party. Dante is an accomplished pianist and It seems that Dante is the “favorite” child in the family. Dante comes off as kind of a jerk and puts Cisco down in front of Caitlin. He even has the gull to hit on Caitlin, who is unimpressed by Dante.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry runs on a treadmill and hits the speed that allowed him to travel back in time. This time however, he is not able to. Joe arrives and asks why and how Barry apprehended the Weather Wizard. Barry does not reveal anything and neither does Wells. Barry then takes off to go on a lunch date with Linda.

Barry meets Linda and ends up telling Linda that he wants to be friends with her. Linda is surprisingly cool with what Barry says and understands that Barry is more interested in Iris. Meanwhile, Barry asks Iris out to get some coffee with an unseen confidence.

Cisco sits alone drinking at the bar and asks Barry to meet him there. Both discuss their day when suddenly A blonde woman named Lisa approaches both Barry and Cisco. She surprisingly asks to talk to Cisco (which hilariously shocks Cisco). He shoos Barry away from the table in order to spend some alone time with the blonde woman. They flirt for a while and begin to kiss. Shortly after the action moves to Lisa’s place.They enter a dark apartment  and continue kissing. As they kiss, Lisa flips the lights on to reveal Captain Cold standing behind them. It’s a trap! Lisa is Captain Cold’s Sister – Lisa Snart (aka The Golden Glider). Cold demands that Cisco rebuilds the cold gun and heat guns and a gold gun for his sister. Cisco is reluctant to do so, until Cold reveals that they have Dante. Cisco finds himself helpless and has no choice but to make the guns for them.

At the coffee shop, Iris and Barry have their special “date”. Barry reveals his romantic feelings for Iris, whom is freaked out. Iris shoots down Barry and tells him that she wants to be friends with him and that she loves Eddie and that nothing has changed between the both of them. A confused Barry leaves the coffee shop and instead of running back to STAR Labs, he walks

He gets a call from Joe saying that Captin Cold is back in town and is probably going to target the Santini Mob Casino. Cold and Lisa  infact do target the casino. A shoot out begins but The Flash arrives and diffuses the situation. The Flash holds the gold gun to Lisa’s throat and tells Cold to give themselves up. Cold however tells Flash that they are holding Cisco hostage. The Flash has no choice but to lt them go if he wants to see Cisco again.

At the casino crime scene, Eddie punches Barry in the face and tells him that he thought they were friends. He tells Barry to leave Iris alone (It sounds like Iris told Eddie about their coffee chat).

Back at STAR Labs, Barry finally reveals to Wells that he traveled back in time. He says how Captin Singh was in danger and that Iris admitted her love for him. Wells says that whatever tramatic events took place in the future caused her to reveal her feelings. Wells warns Barry not to mess with the past again – especially the murder of his mother. Wells tells Barry that if he travels back in time, there is a chance he could destroy other peoples lives.

At Cold and Heatwaves hideout, Cisco and Dante brother share stories with each other. Dante reveals that he has always been jealous of Cisco. He tells Cisco that he wants to do something meaningful and that he’s going to start now as he breaks free and attacks heat weave. Dante is immediately subdued and so is Cisco. Cold demands to know the Flash’s identity. When Cisco doesn’t comply he freezes Dante’s fingers giving him frostbite. Captain Cold then threatens to kill Dante if Cisco lies again.

Cisco ends up returning back to STAR Labs. The team wonders how he escaped and Cisco tells them that he was forced into giving up Barry’s identity. Cisco did that so he could save his brothers life. Barry understands and apologizes because he put Cisco in the situation. A guilt ridden Cisco decides that he won’t put Barry in jeopardy again and quits the team.

Joe visits Iris at her office and and tells her that Eddie punched Barry at a crime scene. He asks Iris to make a decision as to which  man she loves, because both are not sure what to think.

At STAR Labs, Wells tells Cisco that he has something to show him in private. He tells Cisco that he is only human and understands that he loves his brother. Wells tells Cisco that he wants him to stay because the team loves him and Wells views Cisco like a son. Catilin calls them back into the main room and reveals that she knows where Cold will strike next.

Across town, Captain Cold, Heatwave and Lisa are attempting to pull a heist on a semi truck. Suddenly The Flash appears and grabs Captain cold off of his motor cycle, causing Lisa and Heatwave to lose control of theirs – causing them to crash. The Flash takes Captain Cold miles away to a secluded area in a forest. Cold taunts The Flash and knows that he’s Barry Allen. Barry removes his mask  and threatens Cold, but Cold warns Barry that if anything happens to him in the future a video announcing The Flash’s identity will be activated and revealed to the world. Barry tells Cold to leave Central City and to stop committing crimes. Cold however refuses. Barry tells Cold that he will stop him no matter what, but that if Cold ever hurts any of Barry’s friends or family – he will take Cold down. Cold promises to keep it a secret and asks Barry for a lift. Barry however ignores this and leaves Cold in the middle of nowhere.

Barry meets with Eddie, Iris and Caitlin at the coffee shop. Eddie walks up to Barry and gives him a hug. A surprised Barry finds out that Caitlin made up an elaborate story about Barry having behavioral issues as a result of being struck by lightning.  Everone seems relieved, but Iris seems to be upset by this. (Good god woman – make up our mind!)

Meanwhile Iris’ mentor, whom is investigating Harrison Wells, is attacked by Reverse Flash. He asks what the reporter knows about Wells and throws the man across the room. Reverse Flash erases all the files that the man had on Wells. Reverse Flash then kills the man and takes the mans body from the scene of the crime.

At STAR Labs, Barry sits and watches a tv and notices that the Iris’ mentor is presumed dead. Barry immediately feels suspicious about Wells. He goes to his lab at the police station and meets with Joe. He tells Joe that he thinks he was right about Wells.


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