Arrow: ‘The Offer’ Recap And Spoilers!

The episode opens in Nanda Parbat  where Ra’s Al Ghul wants Oliver to become his successor to lead the League of Assassins. Ra’s gives Oliver a tour of the League of Assasisins inner chambers where they witness soldiers training. Ra’s tells Oliver that his solders don’t kill, they die in his name. During a dinner he tells Oliver that he realizes the inner struggle he is going through to resist killing. He insists that Oliver takes his place because one day Staring City will eventually betray him and everyone he loves will turn their backs on him. He ells Oliver that he will find true success if he joins the Leauge.]

At the Arrow Cave, Thea tells Nyssa Al Ghul that she killed Sarah and begs for Nyssa to kill her.  She also reveals that Malcolm drugged her causing her to kill Sarah. Nyssa tells her that the League’s debt ends with Malcolm. Roy and Laurel walk into the Arrow Cave and are startled to see Nyssa out of her jail cell. Roy immediately subdues her with a drugged dart.

Back in Nanda Parbat, Ra’s reveals his lazarus pit to Oliver. He explains that waters in the pit have allowed him to live for so long. He tells Oliver that the pit healed Oliver’s fatal wound that was inflicted by Ra’s. He makes another offer to Oliver to become the next Ra’s al Ghul. Oliver however rejects the offer. As a token of goodwill, Ra’s allows Oliver, Malcolm and Diggle to return home.

All three make their return where Thea sees Oliver walk in with Malcolm. She makes it clear that she wants Malcolm gone, but Oliver tells her that he needs to stay until he regains his strength. In the Arrow Cave the gang ponders why all three were allowed to leave with their lives in tact.

This triggers a Hong Kong flashback, where Oliver and the son of Tatsu and Maseo walk through the crowded streets of Hong Kong. At first the boy runs off which deeply concerns Oliver, but the two are eventually reunited.  He tells Oliver that his parents always told him if he should ever get lost that he can find them at a nearby botanical garden.

In the present, Oliver sets Nyssa free. Everyone on Team Arrow questions  Olivers motives for doing so. This causes Oliver to be bothered by everyone’s questioning and tells the team hat Starling needs protecting, and that hits time to move on and find more bad guys. Felicity manages to find a robbery in progress. The robber is led by a serial killer that goes by the name of Murmur (who has a sewn shut mouth). Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary stop the robber in progress, but Murmur manages to make an escape. The team discovers a clue – a handful of diamonds. It seems that is what the men were after. But why?

Arrow delivers the men to the Police Department where Captain Lance lashes out at Arrow for not telling him about Sarah’s death. He tells Arrow that he no longer trusts him because he is a liar and keeps too many secrets. Lance storms off and tells Arrow that he no longer wants to work with him.

At Palmer Technologies, Ray Palmer and Felcity continue to work on the ATOM armor all while flirting. Their flirting is cut short when Oliver arrives and asks to speak with Felicity. He tells Felicity about the heist they foiled and that Mumur escaped. He also opens up about Lance not trusting him anymore. Oliver feels guilty and said that every word Lance used was true.

Laurel pays Thea a visit at her apartment, and Laurel tells Thea not to kill Malcolm (who is laying unconscious on her couch).  Thea wishes that she never knew Malcolm was her father. When Laurel leaves, Malcolm wakes up and confesses that he was ease dropping. He tries to talk Thea into killing him, but she resists his demands.

Back at Nanda Parbat, Nyssa returns and inquires as to why Malcolm is still alive. Ra’s tells her that he did so because he offered Oliver leadership of the League of Assasins. Nyssa is furious at this news. She strikes at Ra’s with her sword, but Ra’s catches her blade with his hand. Ra’s dips his sliced hand into the lazarus pit and is instantly healed.

Back at the Arrow Cave Roy, Oliver and Diggle use the diamonds as a lead. Arsenal says that he wil ask around town to see where the stolen diamonds cold be heading. Roy leaves and Oliver and Diggle have a one on one chat. Oliver reveals that Ra’s made a prediction that he would die alone. He tells Diggle that he’s considering the offer to become the next Ra’s al Ghoul. Oliver asks whether they have truly made a difference. He realizes that he could make a much bigger difference with the Leagues resources.

Oliver pays Thea a visit at her apartment and tells him that she does not recognize herself. She wonders what their mother would think, saying that she is broke just like Malcolm. Thea leaves Oliver alone with Malcolm and both men discuss Olivers deal with Ra’s. Malcolm isn’t the least bit surprised about the news. He tells Oliver about a prophecy that a man who doesn’t die by the blade of Ra’s is destined to be the successor.

This triggers another Flashback to Hong Kong where Oliver and Tatsu/Maseo’s son walk through the botanical garden. Oliver suddenly realizes that they are being followed by ARGUS agents and both make a run for it.

In the present, Oliver meets with Felicity in the Arrow Cave where she reveals that she knows about the offer Ra’s made to him. She cannot believe that he is actually considering the offer and begs him not to take it.  Oliver tells her that he doesn’t know why he’s doing this anymore. Felicity cites everything that he has done and accomplished. Their conversation is interrupted by Diggle and Roy who have a followup on Murmurs whereabouts. They suspect his next location: The police station.

Laurel visits her father and offers him some takeout food, as a way to make some peace. Quinten tries to forgive Laurel, but in the end he cannot because of her breach of trust. Their argument is put on hold as Mumur and his men ambush the police department.

Laurel is almost shot by one of Murmur’s thugs, but Nyssa arrives and saves her life. Just as Murmur has Captain Lance in his sights, Arrow and Arsenal crash through the ceiling and knock Murmur out. Captain Lance says that him being rescued changes nothing between them. Arrow tells him that he’s not waiting for a thank you, that’s not his reason why he’s fighting crime.

The team returns victorious to the Arrow Cave where they thank Felciity for her help. Oliver admits to Felicity that she was right and that he will continue to fight as the Arrow. He tells the team that he will not give up on their mission and refuses Ra’s offer.

In another flashback, Oliver and the son run away from ARGUS agents. They run through a huge crowd of people but are stopped in their tracks when they run into Shadow?!?!?! It appears as though she is alive!

In the present, Nyssa meets up with Laurel and share their memories of Sarah. Nyssa tells Laurel that her fighting style is good, but that it can be better. She offers to train Laurel to become a more polished fighter.

Oliver meets with Maseo and informs him that he will not take Ra’s offer. Maseo warns that there will be dire consequences by denying Ra’s. In the glades, Roy gets a knock on his door and finds Thea standing there. Both embrace and begin to kiss. (We all knew that was going to eventually happen!)

Across town, a bunch of thugs from the police heist are ambushed and killed by the Arrow. The only problem is that it’s not the Arrow who killed them, it’s Ra’s Al Ghul in disguise! It appears as though Ra’s is out to frame Arrow as a murderer. Even though Oliver said no to his offer, Ra’s is gonna make this prophecy happen no matter what. Even if it means killing a bunch of people as Arrow to do it.

Photos via IGN

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