Gotham: ‘Everyone Has A Cobblepot’ Recap

The episode opens with Gordon checking up on Bruce, who is staying at the hospital by Alfred’s side. Gordon interviews Alfred about if he remembered anything that happened. Alfred tells him that he doesn’t remember being stabbed by Reggie. Jim leaves, as Alfred tries to leave the hospital. Bruce demands that Alfred stays and rests. Alfred agrees and lays back down.

Meanwhile Fish Mooney awakens at Dr. Dulmacher’s hospital. Dulmacher wakes her and tells her that he’s impressed with her. Fish tells Dulmacher that she wants to be his right-hand woman, but the Doctor doesn’t believe her. Fish puts up a good argument though and the Doctor considers her offer. He tells Fish that she has a new eyeball, which is a lovely blue.

At the GCPD, Harvey Dent meets with Jim and learns that Commissioner Loeb is reinstating the corrupt officer known as Flass. Jim ends up running into Flass, who taunts Jim. An angry Jim storms into Loeb’s office and accuses lLoeb of reinstating Flass through corrupt means. He tells Loeb that he will gather evidence to put Flass in jail. Loeb tells Jim good luck, but that’s not going to happen.He shows Gordon a video of Harvey Bullock saying that he lied about the evidence to put Flass away.

After meeting with Loeb, Jim confronts Harvey for exonerating Flass. Harvey reveals that he had no choice because he was being blackmailed. Harvey reveals that he killed a man for Falcone and Loeb, similar to the situation Jim had with Oswald Cobblepot. Harvey explains how almost every cop on the force has a “Cobblepot”. In other words, Loeb has dirt on everyone at the GCPD.

Meanwhile, Edward Nygma approaches Ms. Kringle and asks why she dated someone like Flass. She tells Nygma not to worry, because she knows there are better men in the world. As she leaves the room, she touches his arm and leaves. This moment gives Nygma some hope.

Jim meets with Dent at a diner and discuss how they can can bring down Loeb. Dent asks about why Bullock exonerated Flass, but Gordon lies and says he doesn’t know. Jim realizes that the only way to save Bullock is to get some dirt on Loeb. Dent mentions that if anyone knows Loeb better than anyone, it’s his former partner.

They round up Loebs former partner at the police station where Jim interviews him. He doesn’t reveal much to them but tells them to meet a man by the name of Shi Lou in Chinatown, as he is the man  who has real dirt on Loeb. With Shi Lou being the only real lead, Jim and Dent decide to investigate.

At the hospital, Dulmacher gives Fish a little tour of the facility. Dulmacher decides to hire Fish conditionally. She must retrieve the prison guard being held in the prison basement. IF she to retrieve him as well as other patients, he says that he will experiment her. As he says this he shows her his former office manager, whom is now a monstrosity sewed together with different body parts.

Bruce remains siting at Alfred’s side reading to him. Selina Kyle arrives saying that she is there to steal hospital food. he sees the worry and grief on Bruce’s face and hugs him. Bruce tells Selina that he suspects that Reggie is the man who stabbed Alfred and that he was sent to come after Bruce. He wants to track Reggie down, to which Selina agrees to help, but Bruce insists that he doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

In China town, Jim and Dent visit the Shi Lou, to an underground part of a restaurant where men are doing some money laundering. They question Lou about Commissioner Loeb but are interrupted as Lou gets a phone call. It turns out someone was tipping him off about Jim and Dent. All of the men in the room stand up armed with random knives, and chase after Jim and Dent. Both manage to escape with the help of Bullock, who pulls up in an alleyway and tells them to jump in.

Bullock tells them that if they want evidence on Flass and Loeb – there are better ways to do it. Bullock dangles Loeb’s former partner out of the back of a speeding car as Jim drives. The man reveals that Loeb and Falcone covered up a murder years ago. If that if they want dirt on Loeb, they will need the help of someone close to Falcone – Oswald Cobblepot.

Jim and Bullock ask Cobblepot where they can find evidence against Loeb. Jim tells Penguin that if he helps them, that he will owe Penguin a favor. Penguin gladly agrees and takes them to a farm house, which supposedly will have the evidence Jim needs against Loeb. Jim, Bullock and Penguin are invited to the farmhouse by an old man who lives on the property. It turns out the home is inhabited by an old man and his wife. They all sit for dinner and carry on a light conversation. All while this is happening, the old man and woman look very suspicious. Meanwhile Jim and Bullock keep hearing footsteps upstairs. They look around uneasy as the wife plus out a shotgun and opens fire along with the old man. Jim and Bullock manage to wound the old man and knock out the woman. They have Penguin keep watch over both.

Jim and Bullock go upstairs to the attic door, which has been padlocked. Inside they find a woman dancing and singing. Jim and Harvey look at each other and ask who the woman is. She tells them that her name is Miriam Loeb – Commissioner Loeb’s daughter.

Back at GCPD Nygma asks Cringle if she has plans as he holds flowers behind his back. He is dismayed to find that Cringle is dating a new officer. He walks away and throws his flowers in the trash.

Back at Dumacher’s weird prison/hospital, Fish returns to the basement. Many of the people ask Fish when they will be released. She tells them as an act of good faith to the management, they will release the prison guard….and sacrifice another member of her prison “family”.

It turns out that Mirriam has been locked up in the attic for years. Yikes! She describes how she killed her mother and that the Commissioner covered the murder up. Jim and Bullock realize that Mirriam is Commissioner Loeb’s “Cobblepot”.

Jim confronts Loeb at his office and tells him about finding Mirriam. Jim knows that Loeb loves Mriam and that he’s doing all he can to keep her out of Arkham. Now that Jim has leverage on Loeb, Jim demands that Flass be tried for his crimes. Instead, Loeb gives him a compromise. He gives Jim all of Bullock’s files, including evidence and other dirt from the murder Bullock was forced to commit years ago. He also promotes Gordon in front of all the GCPD officers.

Jim gives Bullock all of the evidence and dirt that Loeb had on him. Bullock thanks Jim, but warns that Penguin will come calling for that favor one day.

Back at Dulmacher’s hospital, he finds himself impressed with Fish. He welcomes her to “upper management”, and says that he is not worried about her escaping as they are on a secluded island!

Photos via IGN


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