Gotham ‘Red Hood’ Recap/Review

The episode opens as a group of armed stand outside of a bank, preparing to barge in for a heist. The group argues because because one of the men decides to wear a Red Hood. After some argument, the men finally storm the bank. The man in the red hood immediately takes control of the group all while telling jokes and telling people to stay down and don’t move. A bank teller triggers a silent alarm, as an old security guard pulls his revolver on the red hooded man. His shots completely miss the red hood, which causes the red hood to laugh. He shoots the man and the gang leaves the bank. As they turn the corner of the bank building, they discover that they are cut off, as the police are heading in their direction. The Red Hood creates a diversion by throwing money in the the street. The people of Gotham begin to storm the streets in a frenzy and grab all the cash they can. With the police distracted, the Red Hood gang makes a getaway.

Jim and Harvey later investigate the bank robbery. They watch surveillance footage video seeing if they can gather any information about the robbers. One of the bank tellers in the room sympathizes with the Red Hood, calling him a Robin Hood of sorts for giving money to everyone. Jim asks about any other unusual activity at the bank leading up the to the robbery. The bank teller informs him of a smoke bomb going off a view days prior, but they thought it was just a prank of some sort.

Later that night at Wayne Manor, the rain heavily falls as a man knocks on the door. Alfred opens the door and recognizes the man as his old friend Reggie. We learn that both men worked for the British secret service and have not seen each other in 20 years. Reggie reveals that he is homeless and the years have not been kind hot him which led to his alcoholism. Bruce interrupts their reunion and introduces himself and meets Reggie. After talking, Bruce insists that Reggie stay at Wayne Manor for a few nights.

Back at the “prison” Fish is escorted through a medical ward which  appears to be Arkham Asylum. She is brought to an office to a man sitting behind a desk. The man tells Fish that she has been creating quite a “ruckus” in the basement. Fish refuses to talk to the man and only wants to speak to the owner of the facility. The man reveals that his manager goes by the name Doctor Dulmacher. He insists that he is here on the doctors behalf and that he will relay her message to him. He offers Fish hospitality and lets her have a hot shower and a fresh set of clothes. He tells her to enjoy and then they will talk afterwards.

Jim continues to watch surveillance tape footage back at the police department. He notices that one of the men putting on the red hood is wearing a work shirt that says “Kleg’s Auto Garage”. Meanwhile, The gang is hiding out at Klegs Auto. The Red Hood celebrates and claims that they will be famous. He tells the group that they need to continue robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The rest of the gang doesn’t seem so receptive to the idea. The Red Hood claims that whoever wears the hood leads. He is immediately shot by the groups former leader and takes the hood for himself.

At Oswald’s, it turns out to be yet another slow night. A man does standup and bombs miserably as the crowd boos and throws things at him. One of the bartenders informs Penguin that the club is out of booze and that they cannot get any more shipped in. Butch reveals that Maroni traffics the booze in the location where the club is located. Because Maroni hates Penguin, he’s withholding all of alcohol and not giving any to Penguin.

Jim and Harvey raid Kleg’s auto garage and find it to be empty. Jim finds blood on one of the cars and Harvey finds the former Red Hood’s body jammed into a refrigerator. Harvey claims that the group must have disbanded and that this should be the last time they see the Red Hood Gang. It appears as though Harvey is dead wrong. The Red hood crew strikes again robbing another bank. The people in the bank beg for the Red hood to share more money with them. The new leader throws money in the air and leaves the bank.

Back at the police department, Jim watches a surveillance video from the second robbery. Jim comes to the conclusion that as long as their is a red hood to put on, the robberies will never stop. A witness is brought in who claims to have seen the man before he put on the red hood.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce continues his training. Reggie is curious to see Bruce’s fighting stance and asks to participate in a training session. Reggie tells Bruce to keep hitting him as hard as he can. He also tells Bruce to use anything in the room to his advantage. Alfred interrupts and tells Bruce that discipline and skill will better pay off for him. Bruce storms away as Reggie apologizes for pushing Bruce.

Later that night at a loading dock, Penguin sits in a car with two men ready to pull a heist to steal Maroni’s alcohol shipment. Suddenly the police pull up and tell the men to leave the area and that the alcohol will be confiscated by them. Penguin looks on in the car as Butch surprises him. Butch reveals that he has some police officers on his payroll, and that they will be brining the alcohol to the club. He tells Penguin that it’s a lot easier than going in “guns blazing”.

The next day, Selina and Ivy are still crashing at Barbara’s apartment. Barbara herself is emotional after seeing Jim kissing another woman. Selina apologizes for crashing at her place. Barbara tells them that it’s okay and that she doesn’t mind their company. She lays some clothes out and tells the girls to take what they want. Barbara tells Selina that she is growing up to be quite the woman. She tells Selina that her appearance could be more  powerful than any knife or gun.

Back at the GCPD, they manage to get a lineup of suspects together and have the witness identify the Red Hood. He immediately points out one of the men. Jim and Harvey decide instead of taking him in, to let the man go which would lead them back to the rest of the gang.

Back at Arkham, Fish cleans up and is offered tea by her captor. Fish demands that they stop stealing body parts from the basement. The man tells her that the doctor needs them for his “experiments”. He tells Fish that she will give her eyes to the doctor or he will have everyone in the basement killed.  Fish then gives a third ultimatum while grabs a spoon and stabs her eye. She scoops out her eyeball as the man screams. She then proceeds to stomp on her eyeball. Damn, that’s pretty gnarly.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce brings up a bottle of wine from the cellar and offers it to Alfred and Reggie. They all sit at the table drink wine and share old stories. Reggie reveals a war story about how he and Alfred failed one mission, where Alfred killed 12 men at once. Alfred interrupts and tells Bruce to head to bead. Reggie asks Alfred why he’s hiding his true murderous past from Bruce. Meanwhile Bruce listens from outside the kitchen where Alfred tells Reggie that he has over welcomed his stay and that he needs to leave the next day.

Jim and Harvey follow the Red Hood leader from the lineup to an apartment building. The man walks into his apartment where he finds another man from his gang waiting for him. The man asks t he leader to borrow the hood to impress his girlfriend. He believes that the mask holds power and influence. When the leader refuses, the other gang member shoots the leader. Hearing the gunshots outside, Jim and Harvey race into the apartment building and find the man bleeding out. Before they can call him an ambulance, Harvey threatens him and demands to know the names of the other  people in his crew. The man reveals that he wanted to open is own baking company and was denied loan after loan. After looking through a bunch of papers, JIm discovers the gang’s next target.

Back at Oswalds, Butch pours Penguin a glass of booze. Both men toast to no longer being sidekicks. Penguin asks Butch if he misses Fish, to which he says that she got what she deserved.

Back at Wayne Manor, Alfred hears a ruckus coming from the study. He finds Reggie stealing from the manor. He tells Alfred that he is in real trouble. Alfred tells him to leave his bag, but Reggie stabs Alfred in the chest and leaves. Bruce finds Alfred bleeding on the floor and calls for an ambulance.

The next morning, the three robbers plan a hastily put together heist. Before they can walk into the bank, they are suddenly surrounded by the police. A shootout takes place and the Red Hood runs out of bullets. Jim tells everyone to hold their fire, suddenly the Red Hood pulls a gun from his jacket. He is immediately shot and killed by Jim and Harvey. Jim get a call and quickly heads to the hospital where he finds Bruce waiting by the bedside of Alfred. He tells Jim that he cannot lose him, because Alfred is all that he has. Jim consoles Bruce as Alfred lies in the hospital bed.

Meanwhile, Reggie is seen sitting at a table at Wayne enterprises and updates the board of what he has seen. He notices that

Back at the scene of the shootout, a young boy picks up the discarded red hood and puts it on. He holds up his hand like a gun and pretends to shoot at the police.

So who is the boy at the end? Is that the Joker? Or is he just some kid trying to be a tough guy? Who exactly is the Red Hood?  In the comics, The Red Hood appeared to be the leader but was in fact the lowest gang member in the pecking order. The idea of the Red Hood was to throw off the police. The Red Hood gang believed that whomever wore the hood was expendable. So if you’re wearing it, you’re the target to take out. The Red Hood however is seen as the starting point of The Joker.  A struggling comedian becomes the Red Hood and after taking an acid bath, became the Joker. Oddly enough the most current itireation of The Red Hood is Jason Todd. He is often times an antihero and formerly Robin. I have a feeling we will see Red Hood again, as he might have inspired someone who witnessed the robberies.

I’m still not sure what is going on with Barbara’s storyline. At this rate she’s drinking to forget her storyline! I understand that she would be upset after seeing her former fiance kissing another woman, but why is she still perfectly fine with two strangers crashing at her place? She even gives the girls items from her wardrobe and gives weird advice to a young Selina. Why is Barbara telling Selina that her beauty can rival that of a knife or gun? It just seems kind of odd and out of place for Barbara of all people to be telling her that. I would expect someone like Fish Mooney to tell Selina that…not Barbara.

It was nice to explore a little bit of Alfred’s past with Reggie. I also enjoyed the difference between the two men. Reggie is very verbal and outright with his actions whereas Alfred is  reserved. The sparring session imparticular was eye opening in that aspect. Alfred wants to guide Bruce on the right track to patience and discipline instead of being unprepared and rushing into a situation. I also believe that Alfred’s “murderous past” will have some sort of impact on Bruce. Alfred will end up pulling through his ordeal with Reggie, who is apparently working for the Wayne Board of Trustees. I’m not sure what they have in store for Bruce, but it can’t be good.

Photos via IGN


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