Arrow: “Canaries” Recap/Review

Before you read on (this episode has some huge SPOILER ALERTS….okay I warned you!) The episode opens with Laurel fighting another Canary that resembles Sarah! Or is it really Sarah? Throughout their fight Sarah is clearly dominant. Sarah calls Laurel is an imposter and is ready to deliver a finishing blow…..And Cue Arrow Logo. (What a way to get an episode started!)

Flashback to 48 hours earlier where Arrow and Arsenal are chasing a criminal on the rooftops. The man manages to outrun both Arrow and Arsenal, but He is apprehended by Laurel/Canary. Oliver expresses his dislike of having Laurel out risking her life while her father worries sick about her.

Arrow and Roy return to the Arrow Cave where Malcolm Merlyn waits for them. Malcolm tells Oliver that they must bring Thea into the fold and that he must tell her that he is The Arrow. In order to beat the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Ghoul, they will need to join forces.

The next day, Count Vertigo is being led out of the courthouse. The press starts asking him questions as one of the officers escorting him begins to hallucinate (obviously infected by Vertigo) and shoots a bunch of members of the press. Laurel punches the cop and stops the threat, but in during all the chaos, Vertigo manages to escape.

Later that night, Oliver meets with Thea at Verdant and tells her that he needs to show her something. He leads her downstairs to the basement which Thea believes is still flooded. Oliver hits the lights and shows Thea none other than the Arrow Cave! Thea is surprised at the fact that her brother is The Arrow. She begins pricing tougher past moments where she has come across the Arrow. She realizes the countless times that he has shed her and other people. Oliver prepares for a negative reaction from her, but he gets the complete opposite. Thea is grateful for everything that Oliver has done as The Arrow, and embraces him.

Oliver escorts Thea back to her apartment, where Oliver tells her that Malcolm knows that he is the Arrow. Malcolm suddenly enters the room and explains that all three of them must work together to defeat Ra’s Al Ghoul. Thea is furious at the fact that Malcolm never told her about Oliver. She suspects that he is trying to drive a wedge between her and Oliver. She blames Malcolm for Ra’s innovation and refuses to work with him.

We get another flashback, this time back to Oliver’s past in Hong Kong. Maseo and Tatsu clear out their apartment and plan to leave Hong Kong, as ARGUS will be searching for them. Before leaving, Maseo tells Oliver to get a hold of anyone to let them know that he is alive. Word of Oliver being alive would bring unwanted attention to ARGUS. Oliver calls his mother and gets her voicemail. He tells her to give a press release that he’s alive and coming home. Just as he is about to finish his message, he is attacked and captured by ARGUS agents. Oliver is tortured by ARGUS and Amanda Waller who admits that they destroyed the message before his mother could get it. She threatens Thea’s life which causes Oliver to give up Tatsu and Maseo’s whereabouts.

Back in the present, the Arrow team watch footage from Vertigo’s escape. They discover that a reporter injected one of the police escorts with Vertigo. The team gets ready to gear up and find the reporter, just as Laurel shows up to join them. Oliver refuses to have Laurel out there risking her life. He tells Laurel that she’s addicted to the adrenaline that crimfighting brings. He is using crimfighting as a coping mechanism for Sarah’s death.

Felicity eventually tracks down the reporter. Arrow and Arsenal find the man who is wearing a vest wired with explosives. He tells them that Vertigo threatened his wife’s life and that if he doesn’t “do something” he will kill her. Arrow pleads with the man to give up the detonator, but he refuses and pushes the button. An explosion is triggered, but Arrow and Arsenal jump out the window just in time. Vertigo watches on in a nearby van – pleased yet annoyed at what he just saw.

Oliver returns to Thea’s apartment, where she is up waiting for him. Oliver feels relieved that he can tell Thea all about his Arrow happenings, without having to make up a fake corny story. Thea reveals to Oliver that she cannot trust Malcolm as he never told her about Oliver being arrow.

The next morning, Captain Quinten Lance drops by Laurel’s office to give her some files. He inquires if she has heard back from Sarah. He reveals that he ran into Sin and that she said the woman in black isn’t Sarah.

At Verdant Thea and Roy discuss the possibility of Malcolm joining the crew. Thea sticks to the mentality that she does not want to team up with Malcolm and voices her distrust of Malcolm again.  Oliver interrupts their conversation and pulls Roy down to the Arrow Cave. The team thinks they have a lead on Vertigo and think he’s being traced. Oliver tells the team that he’s tracking Laurel’s movements ins tea so that she won’t go and get herself killed.

Laurel stalks Vertigo and his crew at the loading docks. Her position is given away by one of his goons. Vertigo surprises Laurel and injects her with a dose of the vertigo serum. Laurel hallucinates and begins to see Vertigotransform into Sarah. This takes us to the opening scene where Laurel gets the crap kicked out of her. Before Vertigo can make his finishing strike on Laurel, Arrow and Arsenal show up which causes Vertigo to flee. Arrow and Arsenal easily handle all of the goons, but Vertigo manages to escape. Laurel sits nearby injured and delirious calling for Ollie.

Oliver and Roy bring Laurel back to Arrow Cave where they sedate her. While all of this is happening, Thea makes her way downstairs and witnesses everything. Oliver demands that she leaves, but Roy tells Oliver that she can make her own decisions.Oliver questions Roy’s insubordination. Felicity tells him that while in his absence, the team has learned to operate on their own. Oliver is learning that things have changed. Diggle sits Oliver down and tells him that this is not just his crusade anymore. Diggle tells him that they weren’t just fighting for Oliver, but also for themselves.

Meanwhile back in Olivers Flashback, Maseo is thrown into the the room where Oliver is tortured. Oliver apologizes that he gave up Maseo, but Maseo says that he never planned to leave Hong Kong. It was a lie, incase Oliver was captured and tortured. Both men are knocked out and awaken in a limo. When they are fully conscious, they find themselves back in Starling City!

In the present, Laurel wakes up dizzy from her Vertigo state. She is shaken at the fact that she saw Sarah and that she called her a fraud. Felicity tells her that Sarah wore her mask to hide her demons and that she doesn’t see that in Laurel. Laurel has a light in her, and Felicity tells her to stop trying to be Sarah – and start being herself. Both Felicity and Laurel embrace. Felicity suddenly gets a ping from her computer showing that the vehicle Vertigo stole is now giving off a gps signal.

Thea ends up sleeping with Chase, the DJ from the club. She admits that she needed a distraction from everything that has been happening in her life. He pours her a glass of red wine. Thea shares a story that she learned from Malcolm about certain assassins using red wine and a mix of poison to kill their victims. She immediately attacks Chase, who reveals that he is there on behalf of Ra’s Al Ghoul to take her life. Chase ends up getting the upper hand and holds a knife to Thea’s throat. Before he can do anything Roy barges in and fights with Chase. Roy is overwhelmed and is knocked back. Chase is suddenly shot with an arrow….by Malcolm. Malcolm demands information from him about Ra’s plans for Starling, but Chase takes a poison pill and commits suicide.

Felicity informs Oliver that Vertigo is at a chemical plant where he p is holding scientists hostage to produce more vertigo serum. With Roy busy elsewhere, Oliver turns to Laurel to help him. They lead an assault on vertigo’s lab. Vertigo creates a huge fire to distract them as he makes another getaway. While Arrow saves the hostages, Canary pursues Vertigo and is shot with another dose of vertigo.

Canary fights with Vertigo who takes on an appearance as Sarah as well as her father Quinten. Both incarnations express distaste at her trying to be like Sarah. Laurel struggles to realize what is real, but eventually finds the strength to defeat Vertigo. She finally realizes that she needs to start being the Canary on her terms and to stop being like Sarah. Oliver gets a call from Felicity saying that something has happened with Thea.

Laurel goes to her fathers office, as a doctor finishes giving Quinten a blood pressure test. She tries to reveal Sarah’s death but before she can say anything, Captain Lance deduces that Laurel has been night lighting as the Canary. He embraces her and says that they will work through it. Laurel tears up and tells him that is not what she wanted to tell him. She finally reveals to him that Sarah is dead. Quinten collapses in grief and cries as Laurel embraces him.

Oliver races over to Thea’s apartment where she is sitting with Roy and Malcolm. Oliver finds out that an assassin tried to kill Thea. Like it or not, Thea knows that they all must team up, but Thea tells Malcolm that she will not forget what he has done. Malcolm tells both Oliver and Thea that they need to eliminate their fear, by doing so they will defeat Ra’s – but there is only one pleace where they can do that….THE ISLAND! Oliver meets with the team and tells the team that he will be gone for a couple of days, but that the city will be in good hands. The episode ends with Oliver and Thea on the island that Oliver called home for so many years.

My Thoughts:

Well this was certainly an epic episode.

Thea now knows Olivers Secret…and is pretty cool about it. I’ll admit, I didn’t see that one coming – and neither did Oliver. Now we find that Oliver and Thea are now on the island eh? Remember they are there to conquer their fear and defeat Ra’s Al Ghoul. I noticed in the next episode, Slade is on the loose. (Remember, ARGUS keeps prisoners locked up beneath the island. There are only two prisoners if I remember correctly – Captain Boomerang and Slade. They must not keep them locked up very well! though! Bang up job there ARGUS!) Slade will prove to be a tough challenge as it looks like he has booby-trapped the island (Schwarzenegger/Predator style). Ollie and Speedy better watch their backs – Deathstroke’s back baby!

It was nice to see Laurel’s character growing a bit. She has seemed to gain some sort of peace with the loss of Sarah. She is no longer trying to be like Sarah, but to be the Canary that she believes she can be. (Thank Felicity for that!) I will say It was about time that Laurel finally told her father about the death of Sarah. I was wondering how long the writers of the show were going to drag that on for. For a minute there, I honestly thought that Captain Lance was going to collapse and die. The doctor performing the blood pressure test before Laurel’s entrance was a little corny. Yes, we know that Captain Lance has a heart condition. Thanks but you don’t need to spell it out for us. I wonder how his relationship will be with Laurel moving on in the series. After losing Sarah, I can see him demanding Laurel to quit her crime fighting ways. I suppose we will see what happens!

What did you think about the latest episode? Good? Bad? Leave your thoughts and comments below!


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