The Flash: “The Nuclear Man” Recap/Review

The episode opens as Barry gets ready for a date and constantly changes his outfit at super speed. Joe tells him to pick an outfit or he swears he will shoot him. Barry finally gets his outfit together and speeds into Central City where he and Linda Park go on a date to the spiciest taco joint. During the date Barry is periodically interrupted by CIsco and Joe about emergencies that require The Flash. Barry is able to do two things at once without Linda noticing that he has left. She gives him a kiss good night and considers going on another date.

At a research facility, a possessed Ronnie (who is really Professor Martin Stein) seeks the help of a fomer colleague Quinten Quail. While asking for help he goes nuclear and blows up killing the scientist.

The next day, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin meet Iris for coffee. Barry remarks at how great his date went. Iris seems jealous and upset that Barry has moved on. Cisco gets a call from Joe requesting help on an investigation. Cisco meets Joe at Barry’s childhood home to search for clues of the death of Nora Allen.

At STAR Labs, the team receives information from Dr. Wells about Steins attack on his colleague. Caitlin tells the team that Stein is in control of Ronnie’s body. Barry reveals that he met Stein on the train, the day the particle accelerator exploded. A flashback reveals Barry’s encounter with Stein. They discuss physics and the accelerator being turned on. Stein is impressed by Barry’s scientific knowledge.

Back in the present, Wells, Caitlin and Barry meet with Stein’s wife. Sh tells them that she hasn’t seen him since the day he disappeared. She does reveal that a young man matching Ronnie’s description broke into her house and babbled about where his body was. She never saw the man again. Wells discusses with Caitlin that both Ronnie and Stein care for her and Mrs. Stein. They feel the need to protect the women that they love.

Joe and Cisco continue to investigate Barry’s childhood home. They discover traces of silver nitrate within a mirror that was in the house at the time of the murder. Cisco says that whomever was in the house creating the amount of sped, it would leave silver nitrate. Cisco reveals that the mirror could provide photographic evidence of what happened that night.

Linda meets Barry over at Joe’s where Barry excitedly makes plans for what they can do on their second date. Linda has other plans and kisses him as they both fall on the couch.

Caitlin and Wells stake out Mrs. Stein’s home in hope that Ronnie/Stein will return. They are in luck as Ronnie shows up right away. Wells urgently calls Barry who is occupied with Linda. Their date is cut short so that Barry can confront Stein. Barry tries to reason with Stein but Ronnie erupts and tries to kill The Flash. Before he can do so, Caitlin gets out of the car and yells for Ronnie to stop. Once he sees her, he flies away.

At Barry’s childhood home, Cisco analyzes the silver nitrate, which projects a cool 3D image of what happened the night of Norah’s murder. In the snapshots, Joe notices something on the wallpaper. His hunch is right as he finds blood on the walls underneath the wallpaper.

The next day Barry meets with Linda and apologizes for ditching her. Before he can explain himself, he is called back to work. Linda seeks Iris’s advice about Barry’s dating history. Iris tells Linda that Barry is still interested in someone, and that it might not be the best time to date him. (Kind of a bitch move Iris!)

Barry meets Caitlin and Dr. Steins underneath a bridge. It turns out Barry placed a tracker on Stein and they found him. Mrs. Stein asks the professor a couple of personal questions and both finally connect. He realizes that he needs help and skeesk help from the STAR Labs team.

Stein cleans himself up at STAR Labs and submits to a bunch of scientific tests. Linda calls Barry and tells him that they shouldn’t see each other because Iris basically told her that Barry is still hung up on her. A frustrated Bary confronts Iris and calls her out. He claims that he no longer has those feelings for her.

Back at the police station, Cisco and Joe find out that there were indeed two sets of blood at the crime scene.Joe reveals that he wants Cisco to look into a possible suspect for a blood match…Dr. Wells. This upsets Cisco who cannot believe what he is hearing. Joe claims that he doesn’t trust Wells, because he keeps so many secrets. He tells Cisco that he’s an expert at reading people, and he knows that Wells is up to no good. Cisco storms away upset.

Back at STAR Labs Wells discovers that Ronnie’s body like a host and is rejecting Stein. Wells is afraid that if Ronnie does not stabilize, that he will go nuclear. Cisco comes back to Star Labs where he is freaked out to see Ronnie/Stein. Wells tells the gang that Ronnie’s temperature keeps rising. Attempting to separate both men would cause a nuclear explosion. The only way to separate both men, was if the host body was not functioning, meaning Ronnie would have to die….again. The very thought of losing Ronnie again upsets Caitlin. She makes the point clear to Wells that she is not going to lose Ronnie again.

Ronnie/Stein has a chat with Barry and tells him that life is too short and that he needs to live in the moment. Basically that he should go get the girl! Barry races to Linda’s office where he asks Linda to go on another date. Barry tells her if she refuses that he will eat a ghost pepper….and proceeds to. His face turns red and looks panicked. Linda hands him a milk and he immediately feels fine. His dedication pays off as Linda agrees to give him another chance.

Back at STAR Labs, Wells goes to his secret chamber to grab a gun. If the experiments fail, then he will have no choice but to kill Ronnie in order to save everyone…including himself.

Caitlin tracks Stein to a remote area miles outside of Central City so that if he goes nuclear, it will be at a safe distance. Cisco and Wells create a quantum splicer to separate both Ronnie and Stein. Barry races to the scene with Caitlin.

Cisco calls Joe and tells him the results of the blood test. One of the blood samples was a match, it doesn’t belong to Wells…but an adult Barry.

The Flash and Caitlin approach Stein in the remote location. They apply the quantum slicer to his chest in order to stabilize him so that he won’t go nuclear. Stein is reluctant, but Ronnie’s consciousness emerges and kisses Caitlin. Stein allows her to place the splicer on his body. It doesn’t seem to work – as Ronnie/Stein starts to glow a bright red. The Flash grabs Caitlin and both speed off as Ronnie detonates into a nuclear explosion.

Meanwhile in a military bunker, General Eilling watches the explosion on a screen. He tells his men it’s time for project Firestorm.

Whoa. So what is this all about? Is there another Firestorm? Is Ronnie or Dr. Stein still alive? I’m going out on a limb and assuming that Ronnie will still be alive, but will he be himself this time?

Many fans know that time travel plays a part in the Flash universe and it appears that we have some going on in this show. The fact that an adult Barry’s blood is found at the site of his mothers murder site is peculiar. How Barry traveled back in time will be the real question.

I’d have to say the one thing that got on my nerves in this episode was Iris. I’m assuming that Barry has moved on, but she totally c-blocked him by telling Linda Park that he’s not over her. Way to dick over the fastest man alive Iris. She appears to still have feelings for Barry, whether she acts on them is yet to be seen.

Overall great episode – I look forward to seeing what will happen to Ronnie and what General Eilling’s motives truly are.


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