The Flash: ‘Crazy For You’ Recap/Review

The episode opens on an overturned car where a family is trapped inside. The family struggles to get out as live wires from a nearby transformer being to spark. The Flash races by the firemen who just arrived on the scene. He rescues the family just as the car explodes.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin reveals that Barrys training is paying off. His speed continues to increase and this was his fastest speed yet. Cisco wants to celebrate by grabbing a drink with Caitin and Barry, but Barry has plans for a movie night with Joe. Caitlin confronts Cisco about what she found on Cisco’s tablet. It turns out that he has continued his research on F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. She cannot believe that Cisco has been continuing to pursue it, saying that its time to move on. Cisco tells her that he hasn’t done so.

Outside of Iron heights Prison, a woman sits in a car looking at the prison with a telescope. Suddenly she teleports into the prison knocking out the cameras. She is immediately pursued by prison guards and easily teleports around them. She makes her way to an inmates cell, who just so happens to be her boyfriend. She tells him to grab her hand and they teleport to her car and escape.

The next day Joe and Barry investigate how the man in the cell vanished. Barry discovers a trail of residual organic particulates. Joe has a guard bring Barry’s father to see Barry. Both embrace as Henry reveals that the prisoners wont talk to the cops even if they knew anything. He has faith in Barry and is escorted away.

Back at the teleporting woman’s apartment, she dicuss her powers with her boyfriend. She reveals that when her boyfriend was locked up, she randomly gained her powers (obviously from the accelerator blast.) Her power gives her the ability to teleport wherever she wants…as long as she can see where she’s teleporting to. Her plans is to have them leave town, but her boyfriend has other plans for using her poets to get hiss debts paid.

At STAR Labs the gang discovers that the Particulates they found at the prison has DNA in them. They discover that the DNA belongs to Leshawn Baez.

Cisco walks down to a metahuman holding cell to talk to the recently imprisoned Hartley (a.k.a. Pied Piper) to find out what happened to Ronnie and Professor Stein. Hartley. Hartley reveals that he can help Cisco by showing him what happened. Cisco however is suspicious that hartley has alterior motives though.

Iris and Barry meet over coffeetalk about the incident that happened at the prison. Iris would love to write about the prison recent break out, but is forced to write strictly about the Flash. She reveals that if she doesn’t find another great Flash story that her job will be in jeopardy. Barry agrees to help her find a story.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco has a change of heart and agrees to let Hartley out of his cell, on the condition that he wears a pair of high tech handcuffs.

At the prison, Barry and Joe visit Henry who gives them information about Clay Parker (the man who escaped). It turns out that Clay is in trouble and owes money to some drug dealers. The only way he can leave Central City is to pay his dues by paying off the drug dealers.

Cisco escorts Hartley outside of STAR Labs where they find a burned out shadow in the wall. Hartley explains that these same shadows were seen in hiroshima and that this shadow belonged to Stein. After a brief scuffle with Cisco, Hartley tries to make a getaway but doesn’t get far. Cisco uses a sonic device that incapacitates Hartley. He tells Cisco where Ronnie is, but on the condition that his shackles are removed. He reveals that where they are going…they are going to need to be taken off.

At the lab, both Barry and Caitlin complain about not having a social life. Their conversation is cut short as Leshawn and her boyfriend Clay are committing a robbery on an armored bank van.

The Flash races to the scene to stop the couple form making a getaway. She tells The Flash to catch her if he can. As she teleports, he races towards her. It seems as though she’s one step ahead of Barry. She’s…faster. Before he can apprehend her, Barry is shot by Clay. Although barry isn’ “shot”, he manages to pluck the bullet before it enters his body. He collapses on the ground as the couple gets away.

At STAR, It turns out the bullet just grazed his skin. Caitlin treats his wound as he tells the team that she can teleport. The team discuss Leshawn’s powers where Caitlin gives Leshawn the nick name “peek-a-boo”. Barry realizes that he needs to help Iris with her news story and leaves. He runs into Eddie and Iris who have dinner plans of their own. Barry calls Caitlin and recommends that they both check out a bar that Leshawn and Clay used to frequent to see if they can get any leads. Caitlin wows Barry with her outfit and both talk about their love troubles, drink and even do some Karaoke. After their Karaoke session, a drunken Caitlin decides to use the ladies room. Meanwhile Barry is approached at the bar by a woman named Linda Park. She hits on him and both exchange phone numbers. Caitlin emerges from the bathroom where she claims that she doesn’t feel good. Barry quickly races her outside to vomit.

Meanwhile, Hartley and Cisco visit an office location where they watch security tape footage of the night of the explosion. In the video they discover that the explosion has merged both Ronnie and Dr. Martin Stein. As Cisco is distracted by the footage, Hartley attacks him using a sonic device from his hearing implants. He kicks Cisco and escapes.

Leshawn and Clay meet with the drug dealers at their hideout and exchange the money with them. Once the men notice Leshawn’s teleporting ability, they want to continue doing business. Before a decision can be made, the police barge in and a shootout ensues. Clay is injured during the gun fight and teleports away with Leshawn.

After a long night, Barry runs Caitlin home where she drunkinly asks for his help undressing her. He quickly redresses her in her pajamas at super speed. As Barry tucks her in, she ask Barry to stay until she falls asleep. The next morning Caitlin walks into STAR Labs wearing sunglasses with a huge hangover. Barry teases her about the previous night. They walk into a tense lab as Wells and Cisco reveal that Hartley is gone. He admits his guilt for what happened to Ronnie and that he sealed him in. Caitlin tells him that it wasn’t his fault, and that they need to go catch a teleporter. Wells reveals that when light is taken a way, Leshawn cannot teleport. Suddenly Barry gets an urgent call that his father has been stabbed at the iron heights prison.

Joe and Barry arrive at Iron Heights Prison to find that Henry was beatnen and stabbed by the drug dealers’ crew because he has been feeding information to Joe. Barry is upset at the fact that his father is doing this. He asks who did this to him. It turns out that a man by the name of Julius beat up Henry. Suddenly the Flash drags Julius out of his cell at super speed. The Flash drags Julius outside of the prison to find out the details of a next possible robbery. The man rats out the dealer and the Flash takes off as the man’s prison sentence is extended for trying to escape.

The Flash eventually finds Leshawn and Clay, who just robbed another armored bank vehicle. The confrontation takes place in a tunnel. After a brief scuffle, Barry smashes all of the lights in the tunnel disabling Leshawn’s teleportations abilities. Clay make a run for it, as Leshawn is left behind. She admits that she still loves him, despite being left behind.

Back at STAR, the team puts Leshawn in a Metahuman cell. Both Caitlin and Barry come to the agreement that they both have been hung up on people that they can never have. Caitlin reveals that Ronnie is no longer himself and that its time for her to move on and be crazy about someone else. Barry smiles and nervously and both tell each other that they will see each other later.

At the Picture News building, Barry shows up to meet with Linda. Iris mistakes Barry being there to see her and seems rather confused. She also comes off as a little jealous. Afterwards, Barry visits his father in prison. Henry shows Barry a newspaper with The Flash on the front page. Henry reveals that he once witnessed The Flash saving Joe’s life at the prison. He becomes suspicious at the fact that when he told Barry about Julius, The Flash took care of Julius right away. He looks at Barry like he knows his son is the Flash. Barry laughs off the notion, but Henry says if the Flash were his son, he would tell him to be careful, it’s a dangerous world and that he’s a hero and that he’s proud of him. Barry is clearly choked up and smiles.

The episode ends with two men investigating a sewer where they find numerous markings on a wall that say “GRODD”. As they further investigate they a Gorilla grabs them and savagely beats them.

This episode was most certainly a change of pace. With an episode named “Crazy about you”, it’s safe to say that this episode was more romance driven. We are possibly witnessing a blooming romance between Barry and Caitlin. (I saw this coming a mile away!) I don’t see a romance lasting as long as Ronnie is flying around. I’m sure Barry will pursue Linda Park and Iris will continue her jealousy, making Eddie jealous in the process. Now that we’ve covered the romance gossip, lets get down to the real meat of this episode – Gorilla Grodd! We finally got a glimpse (literally a glimpse) of the genius master mind ape. I’m assuming he is still developing his abilities (or powers) as his name was crudely scribbled across the sewer walls. The clash between Grodd and The Flash should be rather epic – and I expect Wells/Reverse Flash to be involved in some capacity.


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