The First Trailer for Netflix’s “Daredevil” is Here!

Fans of Marvel’s blind crime fighter may now rejoice – the full trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil was just released!

I must say….this looks bad ass! As far as Marvel movies/tv shows go, this is darker than anything I can remember. It’s got a lot of grit as well as blood! It looks like we are finally going to get an accurate on screen depiction of Daredevil. I totally understand the look they are going for, as he wears a black outfit like this in the comics. I wonder when he will start to introduce red into his wardrobe. There are some beautiful visuals in the trailer as well as some great dialog. We get our first true look at Charlie Cox’s portrayal as “the man without fear” as he takes on The Kingpin in Hell’s Kitchen. Make sure to watch the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments below!

“Daredevil” will start streaming on Netflix April 10.


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