Teen Titans TV Line-up Revealed?

The full line up for the upcoming TNT Teen Titans TV series Titans may have just been revealed! If it’s legit, the team dynamic will most certainly be different. Nerdist has learned who will be the core members of the team. Out of six members…only two will be men. The line up will be Nightwing, Oracle, Hawk, Dove, Starfire and Raven.

Wow. What we know so far is that Dick Grayson will appear on the series and begins the pilot episode as Robin and will transition into Nightwing (at least that’s what we’ve heard). Barbara Gordon (a.k.a. Oracle) will not be going by that name just yet. I find it very interesting that she is on the team…because she has never been a member of the Teen Titans in the comics.  Raven and Starfire will also be members of the team in the series. Hawk and Dove will be more like their New 52 versions. I’m assuming that Hawk will be Hank Hall, while Dove is a reasonably new DC character Dawn Granger. It looks like they want to promote her character and get the name out there. Apparently Hawk and Dove will have a romantic relationship in the show, and have very different outfits. Let’s face it, there are many classic DC outfits that would not translate well to TV.

Remeber this is only the pilot, there could be more main characters added later on. I’m keeping my fingers cross for Beast Boy or Cyborg! But who knows, still this is a pretty intriguing cast. Budget-wise, I am curious as to how they will be able to handle the effects for four characters that can fly. What are your thoughts on the lineup? Who is your ideal Teen Titan lineup?


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