GOTHAM: “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” Recap/Review

The episode starts with a man tied to a chair being dragged on a rooftop. The man dragging him is well dressed and happens to be Dr. Gerald Crane (we find this out later on in the episode.) Crane puts the chair on a pully system and hoists in over the top of the building. As the man hangs over the ledge, Crane listens to the mans heart beat with a stethoscope. Crane puts a noose around the mans neck and cuts a piece of rope hanging the man.

Penguin and Maroni sit at a table at Maroni’s restaurant and celebrate the death of Fish Mooney. Suddenly Maroni gets a phone call from none other than Fish who is alive and well to Maroni’s surprise. Fish tells Maroni that Penguin has been playing them both and that he has been working for Falcone the whole time. Maroni decides that both he and Penguin take a trip to discuss “oppritunites”.

Meanwhile Harvey Bullock and Captain Essen investigate the crime scene where the man in the chair was hung. As Harvey looks over the ledge of the building, Essen tells Harvey to watch his back. She tells harvey that Flass has a lot of friends that would probably like to push Harvey off that building.

Jim comes back to Barbara’s apartment to find that someone has been staying there. It turns out to be Selina. She reveals that she lied and saw nothing the night of the Wayne’s murder. Gordon insists on taking her to a safe place, but she refuses and jumps off the balcony and escapes.

Jim visits Wayne Manor to update Bruce about his parent’s case. Bruce tells him that he doesn’t need to worry about it any longer and releases Jim from his promise of finding who killed his parents. Bruce decides that he will handle this case on his own. Jim cannot believe that a child could pursue this case on his own, but Alfred backs up Bruce and walks Jim out.

Maroni and Penguin arrive at Maroni’s upstate cottage. Both men sit inside the rustic house at a table by a fire place. They eat oatmeal and drink black coffee, while Maroni expresses that they have a time for reflection. He begins to discuss a bunch of things such as losing the Indian Point land to Falcone and why Frankie Carbone died from knife wounds during a gunfight with Nikolai. Maroni decides to go outside and get some air as Penguin looks very uncomfortable and shaken at the conversation.

At the police department, Harvey meets Miss Mullins about the man who was murdered. Mullins and the man were in a support group for people who have phobias. Her number was in the mans pocket when his body was found. It turned out that she was a sponsor of his. His phobia happened to be heights and Harvey suspects it could have been one of the support group members. While asking questions, Harvey finds out if she is single and hints about possibly joining the group and setting up a date as well.

In another part of Gotham, a man is seen leaving his home and starts to panic as he sees Crane standing on the street holding a baby pig. The man runs away from Crane into bumps into a man who tazes him. Crane puts the man in a van and drives away.

Back at the GCPD, Edward Nygma continues his fascination with becoming a coroner. He performs an autopsy of the dead body as Essen and the real coroner walk in. Up to this point Nygma has been warned multiple times for his actions, but this time he is suspended.

Harvey and Jim investigate an abandoned factory in the Narrows where they hear a scream and run into a room where the man who was abducted sits tied to a chair, while a man wearing a pig mask holding a meat cleaver stands over him. Jim and Harvey fire and bring pig assailant down. It turns out the man had a phobia of pigs.

Fish Mooney meanwhile is aboard a boat departing Gotham. The captain asks her if she requires anything, she remarks saying that she will return to Gotham soon.

At Maroni’s cottage, Maroni gathers firewood outside, while Penguin frantically scrambles and grabs a gun suspecting that Maroni will make a threat on his life. He hides the gun in his vest and both men sit down discuss their secrets. Maroni reveals that he knows Fish is alive and that Penguin and Falcone have been working with each other the whole time. Feeling threatened, Penguin reveals that he took Maronis gun and draws it at him. He fires it at Maroni…but quickly finds out that the gun is full of blanks. Maroni then attacks Penguin and knocks him out.

Jim and Leslie Thompkins go on a “date”. Leslie is thrown off when Jim seeks her forensic advice for a case. Jim apologizes for bringing his work with him, but Leslie agrees to help him. Jim then gets a call saying theres another victim.

Harvey decides to visit the phobia support group where he can get closer to Mullins. Crane just so happens to be at the group as well.

At a landfill, Maroni threatens to crush Penguin in a car crusher at the scrap yard.

Back at the GCPD, Nymga sneaks into the locker room where he picks a lock on the coroners locker.

At the support group meeting, Harvey reveals his “phobia” that he’s afraid to be alone and that he wants to die in the arms of beautiful woman (as he looks at Mullins…smooth Harvey.) Crane speaks up saying his name is “Todd” and that he’s afraid of failure and failing his son. When he starts to talk about his son he begins to tear up and storms away from the group. Mullins follows after to console him.

Back at the scrap yard, Penguin is stuffed into a car as it is being crushed. Penguin calls Maroni on his cell phone and begs that he is more valuable alive than dead. Maroni hangs up on him. Penguin then dials the operator of the crusher and tells him to stop the crusher because he works for Falcone. After threatening the man, he stops the crusher and runs away. Penguin escapes the car while Maroni chases the operator.

At the phobia support group, Harvey realizes that both Mullins and “Todd” have been gone for a while. It turns out that “Todd” a.k.a. Crane was busy abducting Mullins.

A the police department the coroner returns back to his locker and opens it as a bunch of body parts fall out of the locker. As he holds a bunch of limbs in his hands two officers walk in.

Harvey calls Mullin’s mother and finds out that she had a fear of drowning, especially in a facility that she had a drowning experience as a child. Harvey and Jim race to the scene as Crane terrorizes a bound and gagged Mullins by a nearby pool. His son Jonathan Crane walks in to get money for the parking meter. Once Jonathan leaves, Crane pushes Mullins into the pool. As this happens, Harvey and Jim rush in. Harvey dives into the pool to rescue Mullins, while Jim pursues Crane. In the end Crane makes an escape.

Penguin is found alive under bridge on the outskirts of town. He is found passed out in a pile of leaves by a bible group. They are pleased that he is alive and offer him a ride back to Gotham.

Leslie visits the police department  and reveals that the kille removed the adrenal glands from his victims. The gland is the “fear gland”. At the time of death, there is a massive and elevated form of adrenal rush. Jim suggests that she comes to replace the former medical examiner and talk about it over dinner. She agrees, on one condition: that he kisses her on the cheek. Jim is reluctant because he has an image to uphold. That changes when she leans in and he passionately kisses her as the whole station watches on.

The episode comes to a close where Fish is being hidden aboard the boat because its being attacked! She hears gun fire and witnesses the captain being shot and killed in front of her. A man emerges in the door way, wearing some sort of revolutionary garb. Fish seems to recognize the man as they lunge at each other and prepare to do battle!

This is the first of a two part episode and it’s pretty cool that we get a glimpse of the future Scarecrow Jonathan Crane and the dealings of his psychotic father Gerald Crane. I believe Gotham will show us what sparks Jonathan to become the future villain that we all know and love. My theory is that he is molded into the same ideology as his father. Just as Gerald is fearful of letting down his son, Jonathan will be fearful in letting down his father. Gordon has a lot on his plate with new cases popping up at the police department, finding the murderer of Bruce’s parents and now handling a new relationship with Leslie. I assume while his relationship develops with Leslie, Barbara will come back into the picture. Now that Penguin has been exposed by Fish Mooney, I expect him to fully align with Falcone. Although now that he is no longer gathering information about Maroni, his value might have dropped within the organization. The thing that peaked my interest the most was the final scene of the episode. Just who is this man who is getting ready to fight Fish Mooney? I assume they have some sort of history together? They seem to recognize each other for a second there. (maybe that’s just me) I suppose we will find out next time – same bat time, same bat channel!

Images via IGN


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