Geek Eclectic’s Top 10 Favorite Superbowl Commercials!

As with any Super Bowl you are going to have your fair share of memorable commercials. This year didn’t fail at all! Here is a top 10 list of our favorite Superbowl Commercials.

10. Victoria’s Secret – Angels Play Football

Beautiful women playing football? Need I say more?

9. Carl’s Jr. – Charlotte McKinney All-Natural “Too hot For TV”

A beautiful woman with a burger? You just can’t go wrong with those two. The genius of this commercial is the creative way of utilizing sexual innuendoes. (Which reminds me of Austin Powers – look it up.) The woman appears to walk through a market naked, but its later revealed that she is clothed (sort of) as different objects block her body to give the appearance of nudity. I believe its genius, infact I feel like burger right now.

8. Bud Light – Real Life PacMan

These “up for whatever” Bud Light commercials have always felt staged to me. This one is actually pretty awesome for the fact that a guy is forced to play real life PacMan in order to get his beer. All that work for a single beer? By the way he gets cornered by the ghosts! No extra lives…no beer bro!

7. Budweiser – Lost Dog

This one really tugs at the heart strings, especially if you have or have had a dog. The puppy journey’s away from his master and clydesdale friends and ruffs on the streets ultimately making the journey back. I think everyone had an oh shit moment when the wolf appeared. They are seriously going to let that puppy get eaten! But the clydesdales save the day and the puppy returns to his home. You gotta love feel good commercials like that.

6. Mountain Dew Kick Start – Come Alive

From heartwarming to straight….trippin’. Yeah…it’s safe to say that this is pretty trippy….but we love it. By drinking Mountain Dew Kickstart you will convulse violently and have a caffeine drug ridden trip where your furniture dances, your dog dances like a human, a deer crashes through the wall and the diver guy in the aquarium starts twerking. Sounds about right. This commercial is just nuts and that’s why we love it so much.

5. Loctite Glue – Positive Feelings

How can you make a superglue commercial funny and get people to talk about it? Just get Tim and Eric to direct it. The funny and weirdly bizarre video is minimalist but that’s what makes it great. Regular goofy everyday looking people dance, twerk and demonstrate the power of Loctite. I mean it can even save your marriage for god sake! (Also I happen to enjoy the song.)

4. Squarespace – Dreaming with Jeff

Squarespace knocked it out of the park with this one. There’s nothing like having THE DUDE sitting by your bed side doing a relaxing om chant as you sleep! I mean common….it’s THE DUDE!

3. Doritos – Middle Seat

We’ve all been there before. You find yourself sitting on a cramped plane in coach, the seat next to you is vacant and you pray to god that no one sits down next to you. This commercial is genius as a guy uses every trick in the book to prevent people from sitting next to him from coughing, sneezing, being loud and even reading a book about irritable bowel syndrome. He makes eye contact with an attractive woman and holds up a Doritos bag as she smiles. What the man fails to see is that she is carrying a baby with her. Doritos had other ads, but this was by far the best from them.

2. Esurance – Sort of Greg

Watch out Heisenberg….here come’s “Sort of Greg”. I nearly lost it when Walter White (Bryan Cranston) popped up behind the pharmacy desk. The best part is when he tells the woman to say his name. Genius move by Esurance by utilizing one of the most famous tv characters.

1. Fiat – 2015 FIAT 500x Blue Pill

Fiat is known for its smaller 2 door cars, so its going to take something to pump them up right? Enter an older gentleman being seduced by an older woman. He reaches for a medicine bottle revealing one blue viagra pill. He fails miserably putting the pill in his mouth as it goes flying out the window. The pill bounces and flys across the town, eventually landing in the gas tank of a Fiat. The smaller 2 door car suddenly appears huge and now has 4 doors. Immediately Women start to take notice. I’ll admit, not every car commercial is exactly creative. You always get stock video of a car driving around different landscapes. Big whoop right?  Instead of jamming the latest cars in your face, Fiat waits to do this at the very end and decides to tell a creative story. Brilliant ad and that’s why it tops our list.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl Ad? Did we miss one? Feel free to post a link in the comments!





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