STAR WARS Spin-Off Lands ORPHAN BLACK Star Tatiana Maslany As The Lead

Alright gang take this with with a grain of salt, but the first of many spin-off Star Wars films may  have just landed its leading lady! Total Geeks is reporting that Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany has landed the lead lead role beating out actresses such as Felicity Jones and Rooney Mara for the upcoming Gareth Edwards stand alone adventure. Details about her role are scarce, but the report does confirm that the role is the lead in the 2016 film.

Mind you, the news of her casting is considered to be a rumor. However it comes after the fact that Maslany made an announcement that she had to pull out of an Off-Broadway play due to film scheduling conflicts. I would imagine by schedule conflicts – they mean the scheduling of Orphan Black. Or could Star Wars be in her? Whatever the case may be, I absolutely love her on Oprhan Black. She has the acting chops that she could rock whatever Star Wars character is given to her.

What do you guys think of the possible Maslany casting? What character do you think she would play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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