Chris Pratt Wanted For Disney’s INDIANA JONES Reboot?

Wait a minute short round! Are you tellin’ me that Chris Pratt could be in the running to be Dr. Henry Jon

According to Deadline, Chris Pratt is the man Disney wants to wear Harrison Ford’s fedora in the Indiana Jones reboot. In case you forgot, Disney purchased the rights from Paramount back in 2013 and apparently have “set its sights on Chris Pratt as the swashbuckling archaeologist they hope to build the new franchise around”.

Mind you there is no indication that Pratt has responded or that an offer has even been made, but Deadline caution to take this as a “dishy informed rumor” for now. Back in March of last year it was rumored that Disney might be thinking about a reboot. There is also some Twitter buzz around Pratt’s GOTG cast-mate Bradley Cooper being looked at for the role.  What do you guys think about this? I’d love to see Harrison sport the fedora for a bit longer, but if you could think of a suitable replacement….who would it be?

What about ol’ Shia Labaouf? 

Guess the Templar Knight has spoken.

Source: Deadline

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