Gotham: ‘Welcome Back Jim Gordon’ Recap

The episode begins as Fish Mooney is being transported tied to a gurney into a warehouse/make-shift laboratory/torture chamber. Fish mocks the people escorting her saying that they must be the “B-team”. Finally she meets her captor “Bob”…which doesn’t impress her much.

Jim and Harvey investigate a murder at a dry cleaning company. The body belongs to a rug dealer named Littlefield from the “Uptown Assasins”. Jim meets Detective Flass who tells both men that this is a an open shut case. Jim however finds drugs in a secret compartment in the heel of the dead mans shoe.

The night janitor, Leon, volunteers to work with a sketch artist to help the police find the murderer. Later in an interview room, Leon is stabbed in the back with an ice pick. Nygma later reveals that the murder weapon is the same one that killed Littlefield earlier. Gordon suspects that one of the cops murdered Leon.

Back at the torture/lab, Bob continues dealing with Fish. While she verbally abuses him, he abuses her physically. Meanwhile her associate Butch is tied up in the back of a truck. He escapes and disposes of the driver and threatens the other goon about Fish’s whereabouts.

Jim tells Essen that he suspects a cop turned off the security cameras and committed the murders. Essen and Harvey both object to his claims and tell him to stop pursuing this. Jim however will not stop as he feels responsible for Leon’s death.

While driving around town, Alfred and Bruce are trying to track down Selina. He insists that they search for her on foot when they suddenly bump into Ivy. Bruce asks if she could pass a message on to Selina that he is looking for her, Ivy agrees for the price of $20…which Alfred reluctantly refuses to give up.

Back at Fish’s interrogation, Bob’s threats are amping up. He starts threatening Fish with power tools and a gamer. Just as he is about to bash her knees, Butch comes to her rescue.

At the police department, Jim interviews different cops about who was guarding the interrogation cell, who are not giving up any names. Jim gets some leverage and convince a cop to roll over on a cop named Delaweare. Jim tracks Delaware down and the two men fight. Jim handcuffs him and searches the trunk of his car and finds drugs similar to the ones he pulled from the drug dealer’s shoe. Jim throws the man in jail in front of all of the officers in order to make a statement. Everyone is up in arms about Jim throwing the dirty cop into a cell. Flass claims that the guy was working undercover for him; Essen hands the case off to Internal Affairs.

Fish wakes up from her torture ordeal in a run down hotel. Butch advises her that they need to leave town as Falcone and his people will be looking for them. Fish, however decides that she wants to stick around and cut Penguin’s throat. Penguin, seems to be doing well for himself and feels like he is on cloud nine as he has seized control of Fish’s club. He gives his mother a tour as she drinks and dances with Penguins henchman.

At a diner, Harvey tells Jim that Flass has been running drugs for years since they started busting drug dealers and taking over their stashes. Flass is protected by “powerful people” and it would be impossible to arrest him. Jim and Harvey try to raid a stash house location where they find a bunch Delaware and a bunch of other cops packing up boxes of drugs. Delaware presents a warrant signed by the commish and judge to clear the building – it seems that Jim doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

The interrogation murder is ruled as a suicide by internal affairs. She tells Jim that the commissioner was involved and that there is nothing that Jim can do, which infuriates him.

Jim decides to pay Penguin a visit at his new club. Desperate, Jim asks for Penguin’s help about helping him snag Flass. Penguin says he will do it and that Jim doesn’t owe him anything, because they are “friends”. Jim asks that no one is hurt. Jim leaves while Penguin asks his henchman to take his mother home and investigate into finding out about Flass.

Penguin celebrates in his new club by drinking champagne and mocking Fish. He gets on stage and announces that he has finally made it. Suddenly Fish and Butch walk in with a baseball bat. Uh oh! (Penguin’s face in this scene is priceless.)

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is playing chess alone in his house when he is surprised by Selina. Bruce gives her a snow globe that he bought in Switzerland. She is thrown off by Bruce who asks if she would like to stay with him. She seems freaked out by this ordeal and tells Bruce that she lied about seeing his parents murder/murderer and to stop pursuing her.

At the club Fish gives Penguin a couple whacks with her baseball bat, before Zsasz and his crew of gun toting leather-bound chicks come for Fish and Butch. Both make a get away but Butch decides to stay behind while Fish makes a getaway. He is shot in the leg and is captured by Zsasz so that he can take him and have some “fun” with him.

At the police department, Penguins goon drops off the murder weapon and a tape of Delaware giving up Flass saying that he’d kept the ice pick in case Flass needed it.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce shatters the snow globe that he bought for Selina. He sulks as Alfred gives him some tough love and basically tells him to man up and return to his parents murder investigation.

At GCPD, Flass is placed under arrested for murder as Jim reveals the evidence. He tells Flass that he doesn’t deserve to wear the badge and that this isn’t “his house”. Essen backs up Jim and reads Flass his rights. Nygma is pleased that Flass will no longer be around, as he has been making Nygma’s life (and love life) a living hell. While Flass is taken in, his men still remain and stare Jim down.

At the port of Gotham, Harvey gives Fish a lift where she’s going to leave town. He tells her that she shouldn’t come back. She vows to come back and get revenge and kill Penguin. She asks Harvey to find Butch and help him if he’s still alive. He promise that he will and the both kiss.

The episode ends as Jim is approached in an alleyway outside of the GCPD by Delaware He rants begging Jim to keep his wife and kids out of their conflict – which visibly disturbs Jim at what Penguin’s man has done.

Overall it was a decent enough episode. Jim will most certainly confront Penguin over the methods he used in getting the murder weapon from Delaware. I can only wonder what favor Jim could possibly owe Penguin. Also I have a feeling we will possibly see Flass again, he played a huge part in making Jim’s life a living hell in the comics (most specifically Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One.). What did you think of this episode?


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