THE FLASH Executive Producer Teases about Gorilla Grodd!

It sounds like The CW is working on some VFX for Gorilla Grodd’s debut on The Flash which means the DC Comic super villain will make his debut before the conclusion of season one. The focus right now seems to be on Reverse-Flash and The Flash’s quest to confront and defeat him. Although we’ve had a mix of some Rogues, it will be interesting to see how Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns will throw Gorilla Grodd into the mix and how they will utilize him. Remember – in the past Dr. Wells shared a bond with Grodd as he cared for him when he was a regular gorilla. Maybe we will see a return of the general that butted heads with Wells and tried performing experiments on Grodd? What do you think about all of this? What do you want to see happen with Grodd vs. Flash?


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