The Flash recap: ‘Revenge of the Rogues’

The episode opens with Barry running away from a drone shooting him. At first you think he’s being shot at by a villain of some sort, but It’s just a STAR Labs training exercise. Barry destroys the drone by hurling the missile at it (which is pretty badass). He then inhales a ridiculous amount of food.

Meanwhile Captain Cold and Heat Wave break into a warehouse full of expensive foreign cars. The cars alone are worth millions, but they don’t steal anything. Once they enter, a silent alarm is triggered. It turns out they were there to set a trap for the Flash – but he doesn’t show. So Cold and Heat Wave decide to leave with Heat Wave complaining that he didn’t get to use his gun. The police arrive to investigate and Barry realizes that Snart is back in town. Barry quickly figures to that this was a trap meant for him.

Back at their hideout, Captain cold and Heatwave are plotting a heist to steal a very expensive painting titled “Fire & Ice”. How Ironic right?

Barry and Wells have a little talk and Wells convinces Barry to let Cisco and the Police handle Captain Cold and Heat Wave. He tells Barry that he needs to focus on increasing his speed so that he will be ready for Reverse Flash.

At Joes office, Joe is going through some of Snart’s files when Barry walks in. Barry explains to Joe that Cisco will help the police pursue Cold and Heat Wave while he focuses on Reverse Flash. Joe objects but Barry knows that Reverse Flash is more powerful and could hurt the ones he loves, so he must continue to improve his speed.

Back at Joe’s house, Iris is going through her old things as she is moving out. Barry walks in as Iris is about to leave and both share an awkward exchange as she gives him his childhood backpack which she calls “nerd survival kit”. Boxes are strewn about the house, which Barry cleans up in a matter of seconds.

Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin is looking up “Firestorm” on her computer. Barry walks in as she quickly exits her screen. Barry tells Caitlin that he told Iris how he truly felt about her and that she is still moving in with Eddie. She tells him that Ronnie changed her life and made her less predictable. She reassures that things with him and Iris will turn for the better.

Barry helps Caitlin by helping her realize that maybe Firestorm is an acronym. She finds a file called “Firestorm” which is 800 pages. Barry breezes through it and finds out that it was rewritten by aman and Jason Rusch. Caitlin decides to get in touch with him to find out what is happening to Ronnie.

Meanwhile an older rich couple exits off their plane with their “Fire & Ice” painting. (it turns out both are the parets of another villain “Pied Piper.) Suddenly Cold bursts in and tells them that they’d better call 911.

Captain Cold waits for the Flash to show up…but he still does not make his presence known. Instead the Police arrive armed with special riot shields (developed by Cisco) that can deflect extreme ice blasts. What the police don’t expect is Heat Wave being there. His heat gun causes the police to retreat. Heat Wave becomes a little overzealous and keeps shooting as Cold tells him to stop. Joe fires his fun and damages Heat Waves gun. Both are forced to make their exit with the painting.

Back at their hideout, Captain Cold scolds Heat Wave for being reckless and both have a bit of an argument. They ultimately come to the same conclusion that the only person who can stop them is the Flash. By getting rid of the Flash they could take over Central City.

Caitlin meets with Rusch, who tells her that Professor Stein published a paper without the university’s backing. That resulted in the army confiscated their Firestorm research. Stein left to find private backing and has not been seen or heard from since. While leaving her meeting with Rusch, she is abducted in the parking lot by Captain Cold and Heat Wave.

At STAR Labs Barry, Cisco and Wells realize that the heat gun and cold gun can actually cancel each other out. All Barry would need to do is have both guns “cross the streams” (and yes they squeezed a ghostbusters reference in there). Barry is notified by Joe that Caitlin has been kidnapped. A hijacked broadcast goes out on the tv from Cold and Heat Wave telling the city that the Flash is very much real and that they are calling him out to fight him publicly in front of everyone.

The Flash battles both Captain Cold and Heatwave. He struggles at first constantly getting blasted by extreme cold and heat. At one point we see that Eddie’s feelings have changed towards the Flash. He saves Flash from being finished off by using one of the Cold resistant shields and blocking both Fire and Ice blasts. The Flash takes him to safety  and continues his battle. He comes to the realization that speed is not going to do it – he needs to slow things down. With Cold and Heat Wave on either side of the street, Flash runs down the middle of the street at a slow pace taking the brunt of each gun and then speeding off thus causing an explosion and knocking out both Cold and Heat Wave.

The police successfully parade Cold an Heat Wave celebrating the fact that they bought both men. The police officers begin to talk about the heroics of the Flash and just exactly how he did what he did and who he is.

Barry Eddie and Joe finish helping Iris move out. Barry and Iris finally get to had their talk. Barry realizes that Eddie and Iris will be happy together and that everything will be alright – everything will be normal. Barry ends up moving back in with Joe and both celebrate by drinking a beer – even though Barry knows it’s not going to get him drunk.

The episodes ends as Cold and Heatwave are being transported to Iron Heights Prison. Suddenly the vehicle is knocked off the road. Heat Wave looks around nervously as Cold smiles – “it’s all part of the plan”. The door opens as it is Snarts sister that breaks them out.

My thoughts:

It’s finally nice to have the Flash back! I thought that it was a fun episode. We had our first villain team up with Captain Cold and Heat Wave working together.  We also witnessed Barry’s first major steps toward becoming the hero that Central City deserves. He is now in the forefront and people now know that the Flash is REAL!

I’ve gotta give it up to Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold) and Mick Rory (Heat Wave) for some great performances. They did an amazing job and have been my favorite villains so far! They started to feel like their comic book counterparts. I knew that they were not going to go down so easily though. I imagine they will somehow get their guns back from Star Labs. I have a feeling that Snart’s sister will possibly have something to do with that. They will be back shooting fire and ice soon enough.

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