Gotham: What the Little Bird Told Him Recap/Review

The episode titled “What the Little Bird Told Him”, opens as the Jack Gruber a.k.a. “The Electrocutioner” and his minion Amygdala walk the streets of Gotham in an elaborate battery harness. They go to Irwin’s Electronics where he electrocutes a man answering the door. Jack used to work at Irwin’s and the shop owner recognizes Jack and takes him to the back of the shop. There is a huge lab left in tact for the Electrocutioner, where he stored his equipment and carried out experiments.

At GCPD Jim Gordon arrives and interrupts a meeting in progress. As this is happening Commissioner Loeb pays a visit to the squad. After a brief argument, Loeb gives Jim and Harvey 24 hours to catch Jack Gruber or else…they will be finishing their careers at Arkham Asylum.

Don Carmine Falcone has a flashback of himself as a boy sitting on his mothers lab during a funeral. He comes out of his flashback and has two of his henchmen assisnate a man who is begging for his life. He meets up with Liza and decides to tell her that she needs to find a young man, raise a family and truly start her life. He offers her independence and setting her up with a legitimate business. She is grateful but declines saying that she would rather be with him and puts a flower on his jacket. He takes off to take care of other business leaving her with one of his men as she looks on nervously.

Back at GCPD, Jim feels relieved to be back at the department. Nygma informs Jim and Harvey that Jack Gruber a.k.a The Electrocutioner really goes by the name ‘Jack Buchinsky. He is a career criminal who wanted to get into Arkham to escape the normal prisons.

Nygma continues to pursue his crush Miss Kringle. He brings her a cupcake with a live bullet baked into it. He leaves it on her desk and she tells him that its creepy and hands it back to him. He tells her its a riddle but gets shot down.

Its discovered that Buchinsky had partners whom were never found, so that is where Jim and Harvey begin their investigation. They are called to a scene where an Arkham van is seen to have been abandoned. They notice Irwins electronics and figure Buchinsky had to “stock up”. Inside they find one of Jacks associates in a trance writing a phrase on the wall “I will not betray my friends” on a wall.

Liza is kidnapped by a group of men and a bag is put over her head. It turns out that Fish Mooney staged the kidnapping and so that she could hold Liza ransom. She calls Falcone while masking her voice to strike a deal.

Dr. Leslie Thompkins pays Jim a visit at GCPD about a doll that was given to her by one of the woman in her wing. The woman was a pagan sorceress and claims the doll was cursed by Gruber. The doll is named “Mr. M”. Gordon immediately realizes that it bares a resemblance to Don Maroni.

Penguin receives a call from Falcone about Liza being kidnapped. Pengin excuses himself from a dinner with Maroni and his men. Before Penguin can leave the establishment, he is blasted by the Electrocutioner. He then deploys a electrical grenade inside of the restaurant, luckily no one is killed.

Gordon knows that Maroni was a former partner of Buchinsky who robbed banks in the past. It was Buchinsky who took the fall and now wants revenge. He offers Maroni protective custody. Jim uses Maroni as bait and keeps him at the police department, realizing that Jack will come after Maroni.

Penguin is also taken into custody and wakes briefly from his electric shock and murmurs about being late to an important meeting with Falcone. Maroni immediately becomes suspicious.

Barbara visits a mansion, which turns out to be her parents. Her parents are rather cold and distant. They are polite to each other and agree apprehensively to let Barbara stay with them. They inquire about Jim and she says that they are doing “fine”.

Fish calls Falcone saying that the kidnappers told her to call and make demands that he leaves his power behind and leaves Gotham forever. Falcone does not fall for it and he realizes Fish’s true intentions of betraying him. He claims that Fis was always his favorite. She threatens to “kill” Liza, but Falcone pleads that he will leave Gotham with Liza.

Meanwhile the Ecltrocutioner takes out everyone in the police department by sending an electrical surge throughout the building. He is upset that the surge only knocked everyone unconscious and that no one was killed. Jim, wearing his rubber boots stands and confronts the electrocutioner. After a brief scuffle with his Amygdala, Jim disposes of him and makes easy work of the executioner by simply by throwing a glass of water on his electrocution device. Well that was easy. Shortly after Jim is reinstated but warns Comissioner Loeb that if anyone tries to take away his shield again that he will not be so friendly next time. Afterwars Harvey and Gordon celebrate and get a beer.

Penguin warns Falcone that Fish planted Liza on him because she resembled his mother and utilized his weakness for his mother. Falcone however does not seem to believe Penguin and agrees to meet with Fish at her club to talk terms.

Falcone comes to the clb and Fish assures him that he needs to sign papers relinquishing conrol and then he and Liza are free to leave. Before anything is signed, he demands to see Liza. He asks how long Liza has known Fish. Liza looks at him puzzled saying that she does not know her. He can tell that she is lying. Zsasz and his people come in and surround Fish and Butch. Falcone apologizes to Liza for getting caughtht up in all of this….and proceeds to choke her with his bare hands. He tells Fish that he had her whole crew killed and that her and Butch are to be locked up and kept alive for the mean time. Penguin walk-in the club where he tells Fish hello and gives the biggest grin.

The episode ends as Leslie Thompkins comes and visits Jim. She doesn’t know why she’s there but the two share a kiss. An officer notifies JIm that there has been a shootout at Fish Mooney’s.

My Thoughts!
Well it was nice knowing you Liza! What an episode! Fish made her move and it proved to fail…miserably. Fish has always been so cocky, thinking that she has the upper hand and is two steps ahead of Falcone in any situation. It was actually refreshing to see her being outwitted and outmatched by Falcone and the Penguin. I have a feeling Fish’s future is not looking so bright…but then again anything can happen in Gotham. It’s clear that Penguin is moving up in the world. He needs to watch out though as he could have unforeseen issues with Maroni due to his “Falcone outburst”.

As far as thee Electrocutioner goes, I thought that he was a decent enough villain. He was the right amount of mad. I loved the fact that he was bummed when everyone in the police station were only knocked out and not killed. He is probably the closest to feeling like a true Batman villain. I feel like he is just a small sample of what is to come from Arkham where people are slowly losing their minds.

Overall it was a decent episode. It was nice to see Jim back on the GCPD squad. It was also interesting to see his blossoming romance with Leslie, although I think most of us saw that coming a mile away. The only storyline and possibly the weakest is Barbara’s. What was the purpose? Her storyline just pumped the brakes for me and I think it could have been incorporated in another episode. Again Gotham’s weakness is trying to include TOO MUCH in episodes.

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