ARROW: Lazarus Pit Will NOT be used to bring back Oliver Queen?

In a recent interview with Collider at the TCA Winter Press Tour, Stephen Amell shared the latest on Arrow, including his death scene and other future plans with The FLASH.

Here are some highlights – be sure to check out the full interview via Collide’s website

What would it take for Oliver to have survived?: 

AMELL:  We just saw him fall.  We’ve seen Oliver survive.  So, [we don’t know] whether he went straight off the cliff, whether something broke his fall, whether he hit the ground.  We have mystical herbs on the show that have healing powers.  We’ve seen a Lazarus Pit, although that’s not something that’s going to be used for Oliver.  I hope he survives.  I like playing him.

Interesting, so Amell is confirming that a Lazarus Pit exists in the Arrow universe. The Lazarus Pit that Amell is talking about is the”bath” Ra’s is coming out of in one of the episodes. In the mid-season finale, Ra’s drops a another hint about the Lazarus Pit saying that the last time he was challenged was 67 years ago….hmmm.

About the introduction of Brandon’s character to the show

AMELL:  Well, Oliver would have to certainly come back.  I’m envious of Brandon’s character because of how fun and carefree he is, despite the fact that he is doing what he is doing because of a tragic event in his life that actually happened quite recently.  But the big thing is that I just enjoy Brandon, personally.  He and I have only worked together one day.  It was the third day that we shot this year.  So, I’m hopeful that sometime in the future, we’ll get to do more stuff.

About the introduction and evolution of an expanded universe

AMELL:  It’s been wonderful, every time we are given permission to bring someone like Grant [Gustin] on as Barry Allen, and then you see some of the guest stars that we’ve been able to get on our show.  Getting John Barrowman was such a coup, in our first season.  But then, you see on The Flash, Wentworth [Miller] and Dominic [Purcell] and Victor [Garber], and Brandon [Routh] for us, certainly.  I feel like every time that happens, that’s a vote of confidence.

About the cross/over episodes, the experience, if he’d like to see more of it  

AMELL:I think that the cross-over was a new experience.  I thought that they were two of the best scripts that either show has ever put forward.  The logistical elements of it were something that we had to figure out, as we moved along, but I think that everybody did a great job, and that future cross-overs will be even bigger and better and smoother. It’s fantastic!  There’s just something about the chemistry between [Grant and I], and the differences between the characters, where we each get to shine a light on the other one, and I think that light is always really illuminating.  So, I do hope that we get more opportunities to cross over, and I know that we will.

Well there you have it! Be sure to head on over to Collider for the entire interview. These were just the points I thought stood out most. ARROW and FLASH both return this week!

So how do you feel about the Lazaraus Pit not being the cause for brining back Oliver Queen? How will he come back? Will it be some sort of miracle drug or herb that relates to a flashback? Will Maseo some how have something to do with reviving his old associate Oliver? Or are they just trying to throw us off and there will actually be a Lazarus Pit? I guess we will find out soon. Let us know your thoughts below!

Source: Collider


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