Totally Rad! Guy Hacks NES Power Glove Into a Sweet Animation Tool!

Okay friends, time to get nostalgic up in here. When you think NES video game nostalgia odds are the Power Glove pops into your head. My best memory of the power glove was seeing it in the movie The Wizard and thinking it was so cool. That movie in itself was just a promotion for all of Nintendo’s products. Then I actually got to try it out at a friends house and…..good luck trying to play games with it. Landing a plane in Top Gun still gives me nightmares.

Dillion Markey has managed to make the Power Glove cool again, and actually make it functional! Markey is an animator for Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. His power glove is modified in that it wirelessly controls his animation software. In this video he talks about the peripherals is this short video by LA filmmaker Ava Benjamin.

The idea of using a mobile item struck Markey as he was animating a scene, moving from one side of the stage to the other, walking back and forth from the stage to his computer. “I remember thinking, carrying this USB-attached numeric keypad all around the stage with me, ‘Why don’t I just have this on my arm?’” Bingo! For Markey, a childhood Power Glove devotee, the solution was obvious.

Markey rigged up the glove which serves as a wireless controller for his animation software, allowing him to easily navigate frames and capture shots. He outfitted the glove with retractable tweezers, secured by magnets, which he uses to tweak the tiny facial expressions on his characters.

Seeing Markey utilize two-decade-old gaming technology is impressive as it is inspiring. It makes you wonder how some of our current technology of iPhones and Google glasses will hold up.

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