CHECK IT OUT: “A Smallville Man”, A beautiful and brilliant Superman Fan Film

I am always astounded by people’s creativity, and I continue to be astounded by this awesome hand-drawn Superman fan film. A Smallville Man was created by artist Mauricio Abril, who delivers a beautiful short story.

The short film is under 5 minutes, contains no dialog, is made up of 150 images set against “Walk” by the Foo Fighters. We see an exploration of the relationship between Superman’s past as a child in his hometown of Smallville and the impact that his father had on him, and the present where Superman carries the ideals he learned from his father to resue a man in South America while reuniting him with his family. The two story lines converge and it ties itself into a nice beautiful bow. The illustrations are truly fabulous and remind me of golden-age Superman. You’ve got to hand it to Abril for his beautiful story telling. He accurately paints a picture of what Superman is all about and what he truly stands for by using visuals and the music create the overall mood. Overall it is very well done and it looks like a lot of love went into this, and it shows. So what are you waiting for? Check it out!



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