Tom Cavanagh Confirms “That Was Me” In The REVERSE-FLASH Suit

If you watched the mid-season finale of The Flash, then you came to the determination that Tom Cavanagh’s ‘Harrison Wells” is the Reverse-Flash. Flash producers however are providing a bit of misdirection, teasing that there might be another Reverse-Flash besides Wells.  CBR sat down for an interview with Cavanagh to see if he can provide more details.  Here’s a rundown of what Cavanagh shared.

Cavanagh knows that he was suiting up as Reverse-Flash since Day One! He weighs in on the tease from producers that there may be more than one Reverse-Flash.

“There’s resolution. Even as season 2 has been unveiled to me, there are unexpected storylines that explain things, and allow us to sustain things, that make perfect sense. Joe West’s pursuit of who the Harrison Wells character is, for example, is just a brilliant storyline. I guess the word, which you don’t often run into television but I really like, is there seems to be a real respect for the guys who do our show, and the core community they do it for.”

In case you’ve been living in a cave, Cavanagh plays Harrison Wells on The Flash.  Non of the individuals to don the Reverse-Flash persona in DC Comics have been named Harrison Wells.  So which Reverse-Flash is Cavanagh basing his performance on?  He does hint that there is one particular Reverse-Flash he’s studying.

“To me — to me — there is one Reverse-Flash. I think I’m not going to get in right yet to the specifics of it, but that is, as I approach it, when I play it, that’s the starting-off point.”

Cavanagh confirms that was indeed him in the Reverse-Flash costume during the football stadium fight with Barry.

“I’ve got some great shots of just Grant and I — because it was finally like, “OK, here we go. We’re finally doing the thing.” That particular scene, we had a major league football stadium all to ourselves, shooting at 4:30 in the morning, with incredible production value, wearing suits and blood and all that kind of stuff — if you were to tell your 6-year-old stuff that you have this to look forward to, it’d be a pretty happy day.”

The Flash adventure continues on The CW will all new episodes starting January 20th.

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