REMIX! Check out this awesome SEINFELD THEME SONG Remix!

For many of us, certain TV theme songs just seem to stick with us. When you hear your favorite tv show theme song, it triggers a memory of that tv show or a certain time in your life. Many shows nowadays will utilize a song that already exists from a certain band or artist. How I long for the days when musicians wrote music directly for a show.

This brings us to Seinfeld. Those bass slaps will never leave my head. It’s a classic tv theme, but Australian artist “Ʌbelard” has remixed the Seinfeld theme song and given it a chillwave makeover. Honestly, i’m digging it.

We’ve also included a bunch of other remixes from various tv shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Cheers, Thomas the Tank Engine, Friends, Full House and Macgyver. If you could give any TV theme song a modern-day makeover, which series would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!


(NSFW – if you’re at work put some headphones on for this one)


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