The episode opens on another dark rainy night in Gotham. We see Jim Gordon is serving pushishment duty serving as a security guard at Arkham Asylum. On his shift, Jim looks on as a bunch of inmates are rehearsing a play, particularly Shakespear’s Tempest. While Jim is stuck doing his guard duty, life has turned back to normal for many of Gotham’s characters. Bullock is drinking at work, Barbara is passed out in Montoya’s bed with an open bottle of pulls nearby and Selina is back on the street.

During Gordon’s shift, a patient rushes the stage and attacks one of the singing inmates. Gordon tackles the attacker and takes him into custody. Gordon’s supervisor, Dr. Lang, is furious that there have been four violent outbreaks in as many weeks. He blames Gordon and threatens to have him demoted.

Jim escorts the attacked patient to the Ayslum medical ward. It’s there that Jim meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins. She tells Jim that what he is doing is admirable. After a little bit of flirting between the two, the injured patient tells both of them to get a room.

In an dank alley, Selina checks up on Ivy, who is lying sick in a makeshift shelter. Selina decides to get Ivy off the streets so she can feel better. So Selina and Ivy break into Jim/Barbara’s apartment to stay for a little while.
On the docks, a power hungry and overly confident Penguin approaches a number of fishermen. He threatens the men that he will hike their rates. They call the cops, which makes Penguin smile. He remarks that they own the Police…and the first officer out of the car punches out Penguin. Ouch!

Gordon checks on a patient called “Frog man”, who was the attacker during the Asylum play. Gordon finds him catatonic sitting in a chair staring at the wall. Thompkins tells Gordon that the man’s brain has been overloaded with crude electroshock. Jim wants to turn to the police, but Dr. Lang wants it handled in-house. So Jim begins to investigate who is capable of doing this. He knows that whoever committed the crime had access to a set of guards keys. He finds a guard who lost his set, but does not know who has them.

At Fish Mooney’s club, Fish and two other of Falcone’s lieutenants talk hypotheticals about who would take over if something ever happened to Falcone. One of the lieutenants, Saviano, gets into an heated argument with Fish over which of them would take over. Fish’s right hand man Butch tells Fish that he will deal with Saviano – a man that he has known for years. Fish becomes concerned that Butch will betray her, but he rejects the idea.

Jim begins interrogating different inmates, including a weird standout named Gruber. (He was the man who directed The Tempest play.) Jim eventually comes up with nothing. He finishes up his interrogations with a man named “Aaron, who the nurse says doesn’t understand the concept of lying (except for he’s an axe murderer.

Meanwhile another patient (the singing patient whom was attacked earlier in the episode) is electrocuted and left catatonic repeating his lines from the play. Gordon realizes that a staff member has been attacking the patients and calls the police. Harvey arrives and investigates Jim’s claims. Dr. Lang threatens to fire Gordon, which Bullock puts Lang into custody for interfering with the investigation, giving Gordon time to do some true investigating at Arkham.

At Montoya’s apartment, she wakes up Barbara and gives her some coffee. Montoya tells Barbara that getting back with her was a mistake because she’s worried about sliding back into drinking and drugs. Barbara, whom is already taking pills, starts to freak out. Montoya decides to leave so that Barbara can process what just happened.

Butch meets with Saviano and tells him that Fish was just overreacting. Saviano doesn’t think so – he asks Butch what it would take to get him to leave Fish. He makes Butch an offer, to which tells him that he will think it over.

Penguin is jailed at the police department. When Penguin asks Harvey if he can make a phone call to Maroni, Harvey refuses.

Harvey talks to Lang at the police station about electroshock. He knows that Lang is hiding something, but Lang is being evasive. He claims that he’s hiding things that he will never tell Harvey. He promises that what he his hiding has nothing to do with Harvey’s investigation.

Back at Arkham, Jim looks through files Jim finds a blueprint to the Asylum. The friendly nurse Dorothy Duncan from earlier in the episode brings Jim some coffee and reveals that there is a basement area that has been closed off for years. It turns out that the nice nurse….is not a nurse, she’s really an inmate! She’s basically…..nuts. Gordon tells Thompkins to run, but Duncan throws Thompkins at him, then runs. She succeeds by opening all of the inmates’ cells. Uh oh the Inmates are loose! She and a huge group of inmates chase Leslie through the halls. In the chaos, Duncan is trampled by many other patients. Gordon regroups with Thompkins and manage to barely escape locking a gate behind them.

At Jim/Barbara’s apartment, Ivy answers the phone to Barbara on the other end. Ivy pretends to be a guest of Jim’s, which upsets Barbara as she senses that she’s being toyed with.

Maroni visits Penguin telling him that he had him put in jail to teach him a lesson. Penguin’s mistake was not getting permission from Maroni about raising taxes. He acted on his own and is paying for for his hubris. Penguin apologizes, saying he’ll never do it again, and Maroni orders a cop to get his friends out. He warns Penguin that he is a smart monkey, but that Maroni is the zoo keeper.

At Essen’s office, Jim, Harvey and Essen share a drink celebrating the close of the case. The medical examiner bursts in and reveals that Duncan was in fact a victim. At Arkham, Aaron the axe murderer and Gruber kill the guard at the gate and also kill Dr. Lang. Gruber leaves Jim a note , then escapes.

Jim comes home to find that someone is has been staying in the apartment, he calls for Barbara but gets no answer. He looks around his apartment puzzled.

The episode ends as Butch meets up with Saviano at the docks, telling him that he’s in. The two reminisce about when they were kids and robbed a butcher. Butch admits admits his guilt that he short-changed his buddy back then on the good quality meat. Saviano laughs and tells him to forget about it. Butch thanks him, and then shoots him in the head and leaves the car, getting into his own to leave.

DAMN! That was cold Butch! I guess his loyalty lies with Fish, or does he have another motive? I enjoyed this episode, especially the character of Jack Gruber. He looks like he will be a true test for Jim, as now Jim must catch him. It appears as though Gruber will go by the name “Electrocutioner”. I understand that there is a Batman villain named “Electrocutioner” who delivered lethal electrical shocks against criminals. Honestly he reminds me of a cross between Maxie Zeus and Hugo Strange.

We also got our first look at Dr. Leslie Thompkins. In the comics, Dr. Thompkins is a family friend of the Waynes’: an old friend of Thomas’ who helped Alfred raise Bruce. She knows his secret and disapproves of his activities as Batman but will always do her best to help fix him up. Morena Baccarin did a great job and is a solid actress. I think it’s safe to say that we will see a romantic relationship developing between Leslie and Jim.

I was a little disappointed that we did not get to see a little more of Arkham Asylum. I wish we could have met more characters or possibly teased some. Just what is going on in those walls of Arkham? I’m sure it has something to do with the Wayne Foundation or possibly a bigger player in the shadows?

Also I’m curious to see what will come of Maroni’s little head game with the Penguin. How will this effect the story moving forward?

Images via IGN


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