Major BATMAN v SUPERMAN Details On Batman, Doomsday?, And Much More!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice details have found their way online, and they reveal a lot of new info!

Much of this information comes via Badass Digest, where the movie kicks off with Batman’s origin story. We then see  Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne as he arrives in Metropolis during the fight between Superman and General Zod from Man of Steel. Time jumps ahead a couple of years, with the attention on Superman. We learn that he’s now living with Lois Lane and works full-time at The Daily Planet. During an assignment to cover a football game between Metropolis and Gotham City, Clark seems much more interested in writing about Batman.

The movie also examines how Superman is viewed by the rest of the world. Superman makes his presence known in the Middle East, which results in an international incident. Superman apparently tells a villain (not specified)  “I won’t snap your neck, I’m going to take you to prison.” He later threatens to break their back when he loses his temper! Geeze, get a hole of yourself Supes! There are rumors that Doomsday will be in this film and that he will fight Superman! General Swanwick, “tells the military that Superman will move the battle away from populated areas because he’s a hero, and that’s what heroes do.” While everyone views Superman as a hero, Lex Luthor and Batman do not – which is not a surprise to me. Batman supposedly has some anti-Superman weapons. Oh Snap. preps anti-Superman weapons!

So what do you make of these details?

Source: Badass Digest


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