The Arrow Mid Season Finale ‘The Climb’ Recap/Spoilers!

“The Climb” begins just as the title suggests, Oliver is seen climbing up a snowy mountain. The scene cuts back 48 hours earlier where Arrow is delivering a criminal to Lance at the police station. Suddenly Arrow is ambushed by the league of assassins and is taken to Nyssa Al Ghul. One of her right hand men turns out to be Maseo (whom was Oliver’s handler/partner in Hong Kong). Nyssa tells Oliver that he has 48 hours to find Sara’s killer or the league ofassassins will begin murdering the citizens of Starling City.

We flashback to Hong Kong, where Oliver returns back to Maseo and Katana’s apartment from interrogating an ARGUS suspect. He learns that a shadow organization is developing a deadly virus called OMEGA. Oliver and Maseo infiltrate the facility who is developing OMEGA, but it appears  that someone already took the OMEGA sample. Maseo interrogates a biochemist who was seen on camera stealing the sample. After being tortured, the man reveals nothing. Maseo suggests that the man they are interrogating was under the influence of a suggestive hypnotizing drug when he stole the OMEGA. Maseo believes that China White is trying to find them. It appears that Maseo was right, as China white breaks into Katana and Maseo’s apartment. uh oh. She threatens Katana and her son demanding Maseo’s whereabouts. Katana and China White have an epic sword fight which trashes their apartment. Maseo and Oliver return home to find out that China White has abducted Katana.

Felicity finally gets the DNA results from the arrow that killed Sara. It turns out that the killer is….Oliver Queen. Say what?!?!

Oliver continues his climb up the snowy mountain, at times slipping and almost falling. Suddenly we flash back to 48 hours earlier where Oliver suspects that he is being framed by Malcolm Merlyn. Felicity finds out via A.R.G.U.S. that Malcolm took a flight that arrived in Starling a night before Sara was killed. Arrow and Arsenal interrogate one of the pilots and get security footage showing Malcolm and Thea getting off the plane.

Diggle suggests the possibility that Thea could have killed Sara, which Oliver thinks is crazy. Felicity tells Oliver to look at the facts, that Sara was killed by someone of below average height, someone with Thea’s height.

Laurel’s mom Dinah is back in town and suspects something is wrong when she asks Laurel about Sara. While both are at dinner, Dinah prys out of  Laurel that Sara is dead. Laurel asks her to promise to keep it a secret from Quinten, as he could not bear to hear the news.

Ray calls Felicity who tracks her down to Verdant. They meet and talk about the kiss they shared on the last episode. Ray apologizes about what he did. He reveals at one point he was engaged and that he and his fiancé were attacked during Slade’s invasion of Starling. Ray’s leg was broken by a Mirikuru solider and watched on as his fiancé was murdered in front of him.

Oliver confronts Thea at her apartment and asks if she has been back to Starling during the time she was gone. Thea looks Oliver in the eye and says that she was in Corto Maltese the whole time (which is a lie due to the survelince video Oliver saw earlier). Oliver is upset that Thea has lied about flying back to Starling. He voices his frustration with Diggle and Felicity at the arrow cave. Felicity suggests that Oliver won’t get any answers, but maybe The Arrow will.

The Arrow crashes through Thea’s apartment balcony door and demands to know where Malcolm Merlyn is. Thea puts up a fight which catches Oliver of guard. She tells Arrow to leave her and her father alone and then she jumps off her balcony. Oliver simply cannot believe what he saw.

Malcolm shows up at Verdant to speak to Oliver about the confrontation Thea had with The Arrow. Malcolm reveals that he used Thea to kill Sara. Thea was under the influence of a drug that utilizes hypnotic suggestion. Malcolm says that he framed Oliver, so that Oliver would be forced into a one on one combat with Ra’s Al Ghul. Oliver knows that he has no choice, but to fight for Thea.

Oliver goes to Nanda Parbat to confront Ra’s Al Ghoul. Oliver tells the league that he killed Sara, because Sara begged him to. He challenges Ra’s to combat, which Ra’s seems hungry for. Maseo, who now goes by a different name, knows that Oliver did not kill Sara, but reluctantly tells Oliver that he has 12 hours to take care of his personal affairs before the duel with Ra’s will begin at a separate, sacred location in Nanda Parbat. To get there, Oliver must make a climb up a mountain.

Oliver goes back to Starling City where he visits Thea at her apartment.He tells her that he will protect her and loves her no matter what.

Meanwhile at Palmer Technologies, Felicity gets Ray to reveal what he has been working on so intently. Ray reveals his shrinking technology and ATOM shrinking suit. He wants to use it to protect the people of this city after what happened to him all those years ago. Felicity says “why does this keep happening to me?” (she does have a type.)

After saying goodbye to Thea, Oliver says goodbye to the Arrow crew (Diggle, Roy and Felicity) as he departs for his battle with Ra’s Al Ghul. Felicity tells Oliver that he needs to kill Ra’s, because he is the most dangerous man in the world. She’s afraid that Ra’s will use Oliver’s humanity against him. Oliver will do whatever it takes to save his sister. He kisses Felicity’s forehead and tells her that he loves her.

Oliver finally makes it to the top of the mountain and makes it to the sacred battleground. Both men remove their shirts and Oliver is asked to choose a weapon of choice. Oliver arms himself with two swords, while Ra’s fights him unarmed. By using his superior fighting skills, Ra’s takes a sword from Oliver. Oliver is in over his head, as Ra’s appears to be the superior fighter. The guy is fighting with one arm behind his back!

Oliver manages to get a blow in on Ra’s, but Oliver is ultimately stabbed and then impaled by Ra’s sword. Ra’s then kicks Oliver’s body off the edge of a cliff. The Arrow… dead.

WTF? (I want to believe that is what every Arrow fan thought at the end of this episode.) Did my eyes just deceive me? Did Oliver just get killed at the hands of Ra’s Al Ghul? It certainly seems so. Hats off to The CW, that’s pretty ballsy to kill of the main character, for which the show is named. It’s obvious Oliver will be back, but when? So how will he be back…if he’s dead? The answer is that he takes a dip in Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazerous pit. That is my only explanation as to how he can come back to life. What are your theories? What did you think of the mid season finale?

Images via IGN


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