The Flash: ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’ Recap/Review

It’s Chrismas in Central City, all the trees are decorated, the lights are shining…..and Barry is chasing after reverse flash in the streets! Wait what? But we will get back to that in a bit.

At the West household, Barry and Joe decorate the Christmas tree, which Barry does in record time and takes the decorations off at Joe’s request.  Iris and Barry exchange Christmas gifts early. Barry gets her a replica of her mothers wedding ring, while Iris gets Barry a microscope. Any chance for a sentimental moment is interrupted as Eddie shows up to take Iris for Coffee. He ends up giving Iris a key to his apartment. Looks like things are getting pretty serious between them.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin walks to her car in a parking garage and is approached by a man who turns out to be Ronnie Raymond! He’s alive! He bursts into flames and runs away as Caitlin looks bewildered.

Meanwhile Mercury Labs, a rival competitor to STAR Labs, is under attack. The Reverse flash breaks in and kills the guards, while one of the doctors looks on safely. The police investigate the crime scene and the doctor tells Barry and Joe that the man who invaded the facility was wearing a yellow suit. Barry knows that it’s the man that killed his mother.

Caitlin visits Iris at the coffee shop, revealing that she read Iris’s blog. She asks Iris about the “burning man” from her blog. Iris thinks that Barry is hiding something from her, but Caitlin thinks that if she wants answers, she should go straight to the source.

Barry is haunted by what happened to his mother. He has a flashback of his mother comforting him in his bed, before she was killed by the yellow blur. Iris snaps Barry out of his trance and tells him that her and Eddie are moving in together. Barry denies liking Iris As Iris leaves,  he clearly regrets what he said and is visibly bummed. He looks out the window to see Reverse Flash!  He races down to the street and comes face to face with his mothers killer. Barry demands why the man killed his mother, to which reverse flash responds “if you want to find out, you’ll have to catch me”. Both take off in a fury of red and yellow electricity, as Barry chases Reverse Flash through the streets of Central City.

Both go head to head in a football stadium, where barry is knocked to his back. Reverse Flash mocks him saying that he is not fast enough. He makes easy work of Barry and reveals that they have been “at this for a long time”. That it’s Barry’s destiny to lose to him, just like it was his mothers destiny to die that night. Ouch! The Reverse Flash takes off, leaving Barry bruised and beaten.

Barry and Joe procure a Tachyon device that Reverse Flash tried to steal from Mercury labs, and put it in the middle of STAR Labs. The idea is to lure him into a forcefield trap. Joe and Wells decide it best that Barry should not be there if they trap the Reverse Flash. Barry seems unstable in his emotions and cannot think clearly, which is why Joe asks him to just stay away.

Meanwhile Caitlin enlists Cisco’s help to track down Ronnie. They eventually find him, the only problem is that he doesn’t appear to know who he is. Caitlin tries to persuade him to come back to STAR Labs where they can help him, but Ronnie refuses and tells her that there is no Ronnie – only Firestorm. He disappears as Caitlin breaks down in tears at STAR Labs. She cannot bear the thought of throwing Ronnie in the prison with all the other meta humans. She wishes that he had just died instead of becoming what he is.

Barry meets with his father in prison and he reveals that he almost caught his mother’s murderer and apologizes for not being able to get his dad out of prison. Barry claims full responsibility for why his father is in prison and breaks down crying. His father tells him that its not his fault. He tells Barry that the man in the yellow suit has taken enough, don’t let him take anymore.

Back at the West home, Iris is finishing decorating the tree as Barry walks through the door. He hugs Iris and tells her how he truly feels about her. He tells her he loves her and reveals that he was afraid that Iris wouldn’t feel the same way. He reluctantly congratulates her and Eddie moving in together and leaves.

Back at STAR Labs, the trap is set…and eventually works! They successfully trap Reverse Flash in a containment field and try to interrogate him, but the containment field begins to fail. Reverse Flash grabs Wells and beats him to the point of death, but Joe saves him by turning off the force field. Reverse Flash gets out and disposes of all the police and threatens Joe not to pursue him. Outside of STAR Labs, The Flash confronts Reverse Flash again and gets beat up pretty good. Just as you think Barry is about to be finished off, Firestorm arrives and gets a good shot in at Reverse Flash, causing Reverse Flash to flee. Ronnie tells Caitlin not to find him as he flys into the sky.

The episode ends with Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, Eddie Barry and Joe celebrating Christmas at the West household. Barry gives his blessing to Iris and Eddie on their moving in together. Cisco pulls Joe aside to tell him that the man in yellow may not have been the only one involved in the murder. He notices that The Flash and Reverse Flash generate a red and yellow lightning when they fought. This matches what Barry saw on the night his mother was killed. hmmm.

The episode ends with Wells in his secret chamber. He puts on a ring that has “the flash” emblem on it. He access a panel in the wall which reveals a suit. But it’s not any normal suit….it’s the Reverse Flash suit! He puts the tachyon device on the suit and says Merry Christmas.

Wow. I didn’t think it was possible, but this show keeps getting better and better! Everyone knew that something insidious was going on with Wells, and now we know the truth about him. He’s Reverse Flash! (Was anyone else screaming “I KNEW IT” at their tv?) I’m not sure how he beat himself up in the containment field, that was the only head scratcher. We are dealing with a time traveling character so I expect there to be some weird timey-wimey stuff going on. I guess that explains why he is always a step ahead of Barry. What exactly is he doing with Barry though? Why help develop Barry’s powers? Why not just take Barry out of the picture all together? There is obviously a catastrophe in the future, and I suppose the endgame is to have The Flash go missing so that he cannot prevent it. So many questions, I suppose we will find out what Wells has planned for Barry. In the meantime we will have to wait and see The Flash in the new year!

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